DeFi for the People Update: June 10, 2022

Hi Everyone,

My name is Isha and I work on the Strategy, Research, and Innovation team at the Celo Foundation. This week it’s my pleasure to share the status update on the DeFi for the People program

For context, DeFi for the People supports project launches through the following ways:

  1. Grant/liquidity incentives
  2. Security audit by the Celo Foundation
  3. Usability review and testing
  4. Co-marketing (Medium announcement, Twitter spaces, etc.)

Updates From this Week

This week we had a few major announcements:

  1. ReSource launched their Mainnet and staking on June 8 as part of ReFi Summer. Earn CELO rewards by staking SOURCE here
  2. The Celo Foundation published an article on our recent employer-based lending pilot with Mercy Corps Ventures, Moola Market, and Kotani Pay. Learn more about the pilot here
  3. Masa Finance announced a partnership with Pngme to launch a credit product on Celo in partnership with DeFi for the People. See the press release here

Upcoming Launches

See below for the latest anticipated launch dates below. Please note, however, that these are subject to change based on developer timeline updates, security audit feedback, and other general market conditions. We’ll keep you all updated as any items in this list change, as well as new launches.

  • Revo: Mid June (finalizing marketing content)
  • Masa: Launching credit builder loan week of June 13 on Alfajores (Join the Masa Discord
  • impactMarket: Launching $PACT staking in June
  • Symmetric v2 soft launched on June 9. Learn more here.
  • Uniswap v3: June (cLabs working on governance bridge)
  • Cargo: June when Uniswap is deployed
  • Curve (Ethereum and Celo): June
    • Posting gauge proposal week of June 13 and anticipating incentivized pool on Curve Ethereum at the end of June with Wormhole launch
  • EntropyFi: Developing stablecoin prediction games as part of D4TP
  • Flow Carbon: Late June (in partnership with Climate Collective)
  • Toucan: July (in partnership with Climate Collective)
  • EthicHub: June/July
  • Chee Finance: Launched on Celo but discussing additional collaboration opportunities
  • Mercy Corps Ventures: July
  • Zeroswap : July
  • Double: June end on testnet

Here’s also an update on other major items:

  1. Hosting a Twitter Spaces on June 13 to discuss the DeFi employer-based lending pilot that’s ongoing in Kenya with Mercy Corps Ventures, Moola Market, Kotani Pay, and Cinch. Join here
  2. Hosting a Twitter Spaces the week of June 20 to discuss Chainlink integration updates

Please reach out or comment if you have any follow up questions or concerns. I’m also available on Twitter (@ivcelo) and the Celo Discord, and happy to connect anytime. Thank you to everyone in the Celo community.

To prosperity for all,
Isha Varshney