Decentralized Oracles

Oracles on Celo today are currently managed by cLabs. Moving forward, in the name of decentralization, we would like to kickstart a plan to move these oracles to different entities, ecosystem projects, and potentially even validators of the Celo Protocol.

Ensure all oracles are decentralized and supported by the community in a trustless way.

Any partner that would eventually run an oracle would be one that does not have any conflicts of interests and has the technical ability to main and update oracles as needed.

In return, we are thinking about introducing a community proposal delivering an annual payment to these partners running oracles.

Input needed from the community:
If you are interested in helping, please nominate yourself or any partners and ecosystem projects that might be a good fit in running these oracles.

We are also exploring decentralized protocols like Chainlink and Band to also support this effort.


I have infra globally, I volunteer


I nominate the API3DAO.

One thing to be mindful is that the oracle space can be extremely competitive and any delegation by cLabs to new oracle providers should not be contractually limited to a single provider, which does happen from time to time.


Bumping this back up to look for more folks that may be interested in running an oracle? Hoping to make progress here with more volunteers in the coming months.



I nominate RedStone Finance

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Hey, @nimittank a great initiative - thanks for picking up the topics of Oracles! We as RedStone are definitely interested in getting involved in that movement and help how we can - with running Oracles and also sharing our insights on the space :ok_hand:

Please hit me on Discord or email: [email protected]


Thanks, @jason for the nomination! You’re always where key topics and events are happening and tagging respective people - what a champ :muscle:

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At the same time would be great to connect with you @diwu1989 & @papa_raw and understand your perspective and ideas in the Oracle topic :slight_smile:

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I’m liquidator on the network, so I need oracles to be alive and kicking.

There’s also some pet projects I have that need oracle price feeds, but those are actually using the Band protocol oracles for now since they have better data selection.

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Interesting, would like to ask 1 or 2 follow-up questions around the data selection of the Band that you see missing with other Oracles :slight_smile: Hit me up on Tg → @Marcin_Kaz

At RedStone we have almost 1000 assets supported, long-tail tokens, forex, commodities, stocks and more → here you can see the full list :ok_hand:

Got my alfajores oracles up and running today with help from @martinvol
Very honored to be contributing back to the decentralizing of the network.

You can see the oracle reporters already submitting feed updates on Alfajores:
Oracle1 (USD)
Oracle2 (EUR)
Oracle3 (BRL)


Hi, I’d be interested in helping run an oracle too! Besides expressing interest, should I also set up some oracle reporters?


How many oracles are we looking to transition away from cLabs?

Based on the recent proposal that passed, there’s 9 or 10 independent nodes running? And 1 of those is by @diwu1989 and the others are by cLabs?

Correct. Today there are 10 nodes with DiWu running 1 and cLabs running the rest. The goal is to transition a total of 6 oracles away from cLabs to limit the majority.

Hi Celo Community,

Celo and Deutsche Telekom share, in the crypto era, a long history and partnership. Celo and its community stand for values that perfectly match Deutsche Telekom’s - which is why Deutsche Telekom decided to invest in the network in 2021 & provide its own infrastructure in the form of validators since then.

We want to contribute to the growth of the Celo ecosystem and are very excited about cLabs’ efforts to decentralize the Celo Oracle service. As a classic infrastructure provider, we would love to contribute to this effort and be included as an Oracle provider.

For this purpose, we plan to submit a proposal for your consideration for acceptance as an Oracle provider within the next 1-2 weeks. Additionally, in cooperation with cLabs, we have therefore prepared an agreement that describes the service & business conditions of an Oracle provider. Together with the Smart Contract, this document will be seen as the “contractual basis” between the Celo network & Deutsche Telekom. Maybe an unusual proposal in the crypto space, but a pioneering effort to combine classic contracting with smart contracts - we are already curious about your feedback!

But for now, we would love to hear your thoughts on Deutsche Telekom becoming an oracle provider in general!


Hola everyone, Tomer here.

As an investor in multiple startups in the ecosystem, a validator to Celo, cofounder of G$ which is now migrating.
I’d be grateful to run an oracle node; I’m sure it will be a significant boost for the ecosystem

In general, I welcome Deutsche Telekom becoming an oracle provider and kickstarting plans to move oracles from cLabs to a more resilient decentralized solution.

Our validator group is also happy to maintain an oracle node when the time comes.

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