Decentralized Oracles

Oracles on Celo today are currently managed by cLabs. Moving forward, in the name of decentralization, we would like to kickstart a plan to move these oracles to different entities, ecosystem projects, and potentially even validators of the Celo Protocol.

Ensure all oracles are decentralized and supported by the community in a trustless way.

Any partner that would eventually run an oracle would be one that does not have any conflicts of interests and has the technical ability to main and update oracles as needed.

In return, we are thinking about introducing a community proposal delivering an annual payment to these partners running oracles.

Input needed from the community:
If you are interested in helping, please nominate yourself or any partners and ecosystem projects that might be a good fit in running these oracles.

We are also exploring decentralized protocols like Chainlink and Band to also support this effort.


I have infra globally, I volunteer


I nominate the API3DAO.

One thing to be mindful is that the oracle space can be extremely competitive and any delegation by cLabs to new oracle providers should not be contractually limited to a single provider, which does happen from time to time.

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