DAPP how to access users EigenTrust Score

Hi all,

I was wondering how a dapp or smart contract such as an oracle could get user details, namely their social credit score. What smart contracts, or method, can be used to get a user’s EigenTrust score? Have tried scanning mono-repo and can’t find anything relevant,

  • daithi

Hi @daithi, thanks for your question. Eigentrust is currently not scoped for Mainnet, thus we won’t have anything like a “credit score”. The closest thing we have is our Accounts smart contract that allows users to make various claims as well as the Attestations smart contract which provides the lightweight identity protocol.

There is still plan to implement it though? I could just mock up something in the meantime and append it to Attestations results :thinking:

Yes, EigenTrust is most certainly on the longer-term roadmap

excellent, for now will mock up an EigenVector/EigenValue result from Attestation for now - thanks :slight_smile:

I think a Layer 2 on chain credit scoring based on Celo, Similar to what Bloom is in Ethereum (https://bloom.co/) would be a great thing to have on Celo Ecosystem.