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Dear prosperity builders :seedling:

Closer is proud to announce another round of regenerative web3 stack building in partnership with Climate Collective. Thanks to a Builder grant, we are now ready to build our proof of Presence and our web3 regenerative community bookings :rocket:

What is Closer?
Closer is an operating system that powers IRL regenerative communities. Our vision is one of a world where organised groups of people have all the tools to start physical spaces that bootstrap regenerative action in all social, economical and earthly domains. In this world, we share know-how and resources, and collaborative and decentralised decision-making is easily accessible and implemented. We have shifted from the way we currently see ownership, property and power and we started instead to care and steward for places, people and land. We have moved past the digital economy of attention toward pragmatic useful technology. We store our data in a decentralised way, giving sovereignty back to users. To contribute to making this vision a reality, we are building Closer with which we empower sovereign regenerative communities taking action in real life by crafting technology that supports them in creating planet-positive outcomes.

In our experience, we noticed that IRL regenerative communities often have (at least!) two challenges:

  1. They lack the structure to organise workflows efficiently and pragmatically:
  • Members spend a disproportional amount of time taking care of logistics and administration instead of doing what really matters/fulfils them;
  • This often leads to members burning out and community disintegration;
  • This means that regenerative communities fall apart, hindering planetary ecosystem restoration, and part of it is because they lack the appropriate infrastructure to support them in their workflows :exploding_head: say what?
  1. They can outsource this structure, but platforms/services offered are often not in synch with regenerative values (clearly, regenerative values are just not a thing).
  • Platforms like airbnb, mightynetworks, facebook, eventbrite (…) offer organisational & logistical tools that are useful to regenerative communities and groups;
  • But data is centralised, services are centralised (no matrix-collaboration), they are profit and growth driven and focused on user engagement & attention as a business model.

Can we please not spend our bandwidth justifying how most tech industry hardly concerns itself with human and planetary welfare and justice? Let us add climate action to that mix, and point to surveillance tools and profit maximisation mindset as mechanisms often endorsed by tech big Cs that allow existing power hierarchies to remain intact and that regeneration isn’t really keen on :upside_down_face:

That is why we sorted, we have to build Closer :muscle:t4: Closer is a platform that offers communities:

  1. The possibility of managing their flows
  • With ordinary community management features like events, memberships, bookings and communication channels (Web2 MVP June 2022, powered by Regen Network :green_heart:);

  • By bringing web3 to land stewardship, with a model for tokenising collective stewardship and governance of regenerative co-living projects.

And this is what we are super proud to be building on Celo and with the support of Climate Collective. For the next few months, we will be developing the final architecture of our Regenerative Community Token, launching it on Celo Testnet and developing the system for Web3 Bookings where members of regenerative communities book their and with it get Proof of Presence for their governance influence. By November 2021 we will launch on mainnet.

We are very happy to have the support of the Climate Collective in making regeneration happen in all domains.

Feel feel to reach out to @beafonseca on telegram if you want to hear more about Closer.

Thank you!

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