Celo Stake Off - Rule Clarifications

C Labs has received a number of questions around how to interpret the rules of The Great Celo Stake Off (TGCSO) and we want to clarify a few points.

As a reminder, the team will disqualify Participants along with their accounts, validators and validator groups who:

  • Try to “win” through a sybil attack on the registration process or otherwise
  • Undermine the goals of the game, which is to test OPSEC (and strategies for manipulating the incentive system) - this excludes security bounties
  • Destroy or incur any damage to other TGCSO participants physical property

See Terms and Conditions for details.

The only form of collaboration permitted is between two or more participants of which one operates and entirely funds a validator group, and the other participants operate and provide the entire stake for a validator that affiliates with that group. In this case, the validator group share must be set to 50%. Participants may only vote for groups that they registered, or for groups to which one of their validators is affiliated.

Examples of collaboration that are not permitted include (but are not limited to):

Only claim your accounts: Since a participant entity’s place on the leaderboard is determined by the balances of claimed accounts, an entity may only claim in their metadata accounts that they created and that have not received any funds from any other participant.

Do not transfer funds between participants: Only transfers between your own accounts or to Celo deployed smart contracts are permitted.

Do not vote for other participants’ groups unless they affiliate your validator: This restriction is necessary because we cannot distinguish arms-length rewards-maximizing decisions with collusion between participants.

If you are in any doubt, please ask for clarification. If you want to bring any questionable behavior to our attention, please email hello@celo.org with subject: “Rules”. Please remember that the organizers’ decision is final and all participation is subject to the Terms and Conditions.

The Great Celo Stake Off Team