Celo Public Goods: Progress Update and Timeline

Hi Celo Community,

With CGP115: Celo Governance Guidelines and Public Goods Funding Strategy H1 2024 up for vote now, we’ve started preparing the Celo Public Goods operations ahead of the proposal hopefully passing.

Below is a quick update on our progress and some pointers for groups wanting to apply for Celo Public Goods funding in H1.


  • We’ve successfully created a Celo Public Goods Snapshot space that fetches Locked Celo and stCELO voting power.
  • We’re developing an updated Notion space with all Celo Governance, Treasury, and Funding resources. We aim to share an initial WIP version later this week.
  • We’ve created the Celo Public Goods Twitter account and Celo Public Goods emails for the active stewards.

For projects that aim to apply for Celo Public Goods Funding
If the proposal passes, the CPG Snapshot space will be operational starting Monday, February 5th. As part of the Governance updates, each proposal should be on the forum for at least 1 week to collect input before submitting. As such, if you’re interested in applying for CPG funding in H1, you can already start drafting your proposal.

We aim to have a clear written process with tips and tricks in the Celo Public Goods Notion space. While that’s not completed, we advise including the elements as specified in the latest draft of the Proposal Template (minor changes could be made in the next few days still) in your proposal to increase clarity and minimize changes needed.