Celo Governance Call #17 - May 12th 2022

Hi folks, we’ll be back moving with governance calls starting next week, and then every second Thursday of the month. We’re in the process of getting calendars/zooms/Celo Signal back running, so bear with us a few days until we get those links.

When: Thursday May 12th 2022. 9.30 PM IST / 6 PM CEST / 12 PM EDT / 9 AM PT. 60 minutes max
Where: Celo Discord (join here and look for the governance-calls voice channel at the top left)
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Please comment below with proposals for agenda items.

cc’ing other gov working group members: @willkraft @ebeth @CalicoKittencat


Thank you @Pinotio.com, @willkraft, @ebeth and @CalicoKittencat for getting governance calls running again. More broadly, the CGP editors team’s dedication in engaging the community around governance matters is highly appreciated.

Our team from Cambridge Cryptographic would like to put our upcoming Proof-of-Deposit proposal on the agenda. We wish to give a brief overview for those who are unfamiliar, talk about next steps, and invite discussion/feedback.

We have been updating our materials and will share here early next week.


@Wade @MayaRB regarding the CCF2 ^^


This is great, looking forward to it!

I’ve added it to the community calendar, looking forward to the agenda.

Here’s a link anyone can subscribe to for updates on Celo Community Events :point_down:


Hi folks, tomorrow (Thursday’s) governance call will take place on Discord.


  1. Reflections for Celo on Terra de-peg.
  2. Proof of Deposit Proposal. Ying Chan.
  3. Reserve Decentralisation. Ronan McGovern.
  4. Other items (not proposed): Climate Collective Update, Gas Limit Increase, Mento 2.0
  5. Any other business.
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Hi everyone!

I would like to be added in the agenda to answer any question with @bongui about the proposal: Propose to increase Block Gas Limit to 50M gas and target density to 0.7.


EDIT: Sent the message a minute late, haha. Just saw that is part of the agenda. Thanks!

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Thanks @Pinotio.com for including Climate Collective update in #4 - I will join tomorrow’s call and appreciate time on the agenda to discuss moving our proposal forward.

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Hi folks, a Twitter spaces AMA has been scheduled at the same time as this governance call by Mento Protocol and I understand Celo founders will be in attendance there.

This governance meeting had been announced on the forum last week, but the Mento team and Celo founders were unaware. Much as I think the governance call would be the best venue to field questions and build plans in the light of the UST crash, the Twitter spaces event has been more widely advertised and I have been asked by @roman of the Mento team to defer this governance call on those practical grounds.

I plan to discuss this and will revert on next steps for a governance call.


@Pinotio.com do we have a new date for this?

Howdy Gaston, I’ve stepped back from involvement in governance calls and will be less active on the forum here.

@willkraft will be leading governance calls from here.