Bingtellar [CC8 - Minipay Lauchpad]

Short description

Bingtellar is simplifying cross-border payments into/within Africa for individuals and businesses, using Web3 technologies to lower costs and increase efficiency. It’s akin to a “Wise for Africa but with stablecoins”.

Founded by experienced founders, Bingtellar’s vision is to establish a global remittance and payments network on Web3, with an initial focus on strengthening emerging markets.


  • Joshua Tebepina, Co-founder & CEO. 2x founder, was recently recognized as one of Africa’s Top 100 leaders focused on advancing Africa’s next-gen financial infrastructure using Web3 Technology.

  • Arepade Peremi, Co-founder & CTO. Prev. Vatebra, Bank of Industry - a serial technical founder with over 10+ years in Software Engineering, machine learning, blockchain and data analytics.

Long Description

Simplifying global transactions within and beyond Africa is imperative for individuals and businesses.
Remote workers, Freelances, African diasporas, International contractors, Importers, Web3 teams and Businesses lack an easy and flexible way to make international payments. Currently, an astonishing 85% of businesses struggle with paying for supplies with payment systems like Western union or local FX brokers, costing them billions of dollars annually because of system inefficiency, cost and delays.

This is a problem we are obsessed with and the future for Bingtellar holds a commitment to continuous innovation, expanded financial accessibility, and seamless cross-border transactions.

What we built during Celo Camp

During camp, we developed: A Minipay remittance dApp, enabling customers to use cUSD from Minipay to send money across Africa. Additionally, we designed a Minipay payment checkout widget for millions of users to make online e-commerce and everyday payments.

Checkout our demo: demo video

Next Steps

  • We will continue developing Bingtellar on top of Celo to help underserved populations get alternative access to modern finance and transact globally.
  • We’re preparing to expand our services to more African markets/countries, making us truly pan-african.


  • We are raising a pre-seed round to accelerate growth and and help us simplify cross-border payments for the everyone. We would greatly appreciate relevant referrals and introductions (VC, Angel investors, Accelerators) from the community :slight_smile:.

  • dApp developer or business building on CELO - Hit us up and let us know how we can help you with fiat off-ramping and settlements in Africa.

Slide Deck

Check out our pitch: Bingtellar Pitch

You can reach / find us on

Email: heyjosh[at]bingtellar[dot]com
Twitter: @trybingtellar
Linkedin — @bingtellar

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