🥳 BIG Welcome and Introductions Thread

Hello, Celo community,

My names are E. Hawwal Ogungbadero, & I’m a British Nigerian currently living in Lagos Nigeria. I have a BSc in computer science & I do 2D animation, filmmaking & music. I’m a Guinness world record holder :medal_sports: & the founder of Blaqk stereo Dao. Blaqk stereo Dao is a dao focused on finding sustainable solutions for creatives in Africa using web3-based tech. to aid, fund, & educate about blockchain technology applicable to their careers. In pushing that endeavor, I decided to launch a project of building a music app which is still in its ideation phase and we are currently seeking some angel investment to kick start the building of this app that will solve a major problem for creatives here in Africa and around the world post its launch. Here is our github page.
I’ve been into the web3 space learning and adapting for about 2 years now and it has really been a phenomenal experience for me.

I would love to contribute to the celo community by bringing in my skill set, experience, and time pushing my primary focus which is to build and develop lasting solutions for creatives as well as individuals in Africa.

Here is my Linkedin