An Invitation to Collab: Latin America Recap

Great idea @MilaRioja!
Celo’s Latam community was essential for us to take the first steps and grow collaboratively in expanding an ecosystem focused on abundance for all in our beautiful region! This report is a great idea to encourage our unity and collaboration. Since 2021, when we started this journey, I’ve seen many projects, including ours, grow and mature - this recap couldn’t be at a better time and at a better moment than NOW!!! Beautiful to see this happening and everything to come! :eyes: Preparing my collaboration here as well @Marcelo :seedling::rocket:


*** Name of the StartUp/Founder/DAO + Logo**

Luiz Hadad - Cambiatus & SurfHive

*** Name of the Event/Accomplishment + Date**

Surf Class + Beach Cleanup + Breakfast during the Ethereum Rio 2022 | March 17th

*** Paragraph (around 300 words) describing the accomplishment/activity**

During the first Ethereum Rio Conference, we (Myself, Marlon and Julio) organized a surf class with the Ethereum Rio, Celo and Burle Experience crew. It was amazing to see members of the crypto community learning how to surf and experimenting Rio from a different perspetive.

After surfing we did a Beach Cleanup in partnership with SurfHive and Route Brasil. After the action, we had a very nice breakfast at Carlos Burle’s Kiosk at Praia da Barra da Tijuca.

We would like to thank @MilaRioja and Celo for the support on this event! We hope to make it a tradition for the next ones. Pura vida!

*** Picture or link to youtube video**
I made this video specially for this report, I hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


Aloha! So refreshing to see this video… TY for putting it together :hibiscus:


Awesome idea, Mila. I will work on our post.


Great proposal Mila! Here is our info

If you need more information, please visit


That’s an awesome initiative @MilaRioja ! We’re all up to support creative ways to strengthen the LATAM community and would love to be featured in the Recap Report.

We selected a few highlights. We also just published the full account from our journey in our Substack.

Blockchain na Escola's achievements


Q1 2022: Foundation

Project founded by @Marcelo and first workshops conducted in a public school in Serra, Espírito Santo. He taught students about Web3 specifically focusing on its career prospects. The interest of the students and the teachers confirmed the demand for such content, while also shedding light on the challenges of bringing blockchain technology to public schools.

Q4 2022: Prezenti Grant

Acquired our first Prezenti grant! The $30K USD we received was instrumental to kick-off a new chapter for the project in public schools in Salvador, Bahia, in 2023. Special thanks to @MayaRB and @Wade for all the invaluable support and information provided during the whole semester.

BnE’s Celo multi-sig: 0x2e07c3467D3EcBEe6750eF69cdBf30D494e105D2


1st Semester: Reaching Students in Bahia, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais

During the first semester of 2023, we conducted 20 workshops, impacting 400+ students and 20+ teachers. Student NPS: 59, Satisfaction (Top2Box): 79. Detailed report

  • Our core team led 19 student workshops, 5 teacher workshops and 3 events (e.g., talks, stand) in 7 public schools in Salvador and Lauro de Freitas, Bahia.

  • Our Lawyer and Regional Lead @Verb4l led workshops in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, in partnership with “Eu Amo Minha Quebrada,” a social initiative dedicated to providing education for the community in the Morro do Papagaio favela.

  • Verber also partnered with Detrash to sponsor the “Recicla Kids” recycling initiative, where children learned about ReFi through practical engagement.

  • We wrapped up the semester by taking our workshop to Rio de Janeiro through our partnership with the Educar+ social movement, which provides education in the Morro do Chapadão favela.

Paving the Path to BnE’s Decentralization

In July, we gathered the full BnE team for the first time in order to start the implementation of a decentralized governance structure based on Target Teal’s O2 framework.

During the gathering, we revisited our mission and vision statements and defined our organization’s Circles, which represent autonomy spaces within the project. Meaning, each Circle is entitled to provide its own planning and execution strategies as long as they abide by the project’s bylaws. We believe this new structure will allow BnE to scale faster by onboarding teachers and other contributors from different regions.

We encourage other organizations to think through their governance structure and would happily share learnings from our experience with them.

Notable meetings

  • March: Met with the teacher Astor Junior, Director of Innovation at the Secretaria de Educação da Bahia (SEC). Although we didn’t settle a deal at the time, we learned a lot about what the SEC expects from educational projects focused on technology and plan to revisit this connection later this year.

  • April: Met with Iuri Rubim, Director of the Instituto Anísio Teixeira (IAT), responsible for teacher training in Bahia. That led to an invitation to present BnE at the Festival de Invenção e Criatividade (FIC) and he even attended a happy hour with us. That’s an opportunity to institutionalize BnE’s teacher training activities.

  • July: Met with Jaqueline Alves, Director of Entrepreneurship from the Secretaria de Promoção da Igualdade Racial da Bahia (SEPROMI). We were invited to participate in their inauguration of the Centro de Empreendedorismo Negro, in partnership with the Secretaria de Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação da Bahia, which will foster black people’s entrepreneurship in Bahia. That’s a high-visibility opportunity among government agencies and we’ve just sent our proposal to them (Project Proposal)


  • BnE presentation at the Bahia Expo event: Alan (BnE’s Educator) gave a presentation about ReFi and our project in the event organized by SEBRAE.

  • Built a team of public school students to participate remotely in the Hack on Chain hackathon in May, that took place in Warsaw, Poland.

  • Suape’s Industrial Portuary Complex Environment Week (June 5-7th): Talk on ReFi with presence of the complex’s board, academics and consulting agencies (e.g., ICLEI). Suape’s Magazine article, Recording.

  • Ekonavi’s Agroecological Circuit: Verber (BnE’s Lawyer) attended the launch event of the Ekonavi’s token in the event, which will support financing and catalyzing environmental regeneration projects, and actively participated in organizing the 2nd Edition of the Agroecological Circuit, held at Horta da Baixada in the Taquaril community.

  • July: Met with key players of the NFT scene in Brazil in the NFT Brazil, as a speaker our founder had the opportunity of meeting several newcomers to Web3. One of the results were the invitation to write down a proposal to apply our educational framework to foster the diversification of the economic matrix through the digitalization of creative and bio economy (Project Proposal).


Blockchain na Escola is an amazing project! I had the opportunity to sit with leading members and was amazed by their efforts! Good job guys!


Thank you @MilaRioja ! I hope we can make many others like this! It was a really fun day!


hello friends a hug from Cumulo, we add you the following information

• Name of the StartUp/Founder/DAO + Logo
Cumulo /Mon / Sami

• Name of the Event/Accomplishment + Date
Content development, support to the Spanish community, contribution to Spanish Celo networks, as Celo ambassadors during 2022.

• Paragraph (around 300 words) describing the accomplishment/activity
Professional Validator, Staking Services Provider and Content Creator in Blockchain technology. We focus on the community, offering full technical support, translations, and robust staking services to expand and strengthen the reach of blockchain technology.
+info in

• Picture or link to youtube video


*** Name of the StartUp/Founder/DAO + Logo**

Lovecrypto Inc.
logo purple

*** Name of the Event/Accomplishment + Date**

Presentation of the interoperability POC between Celo and Real Digital, April 2023.

*** Paragraph (around 300 words) describing the accomplishment/activity**

From August to December 2022 Lovecrypto participated at LIFT Lab, an innovation lab from Brazil´s Central Bank. The interoperability POC we developed was around the use case of people being able to purchase the Brazilian sovereign debt using cStables.

The POC was presented during LIFT Day in April 2023.

*** Picture or link to youtube video**
This is a Picture taken during the presentation.

This is a video we made about the experience of participating at LIFT Lab: Lovecrypto Labs - Interoperabilidade no Real Digital (CBDC) V2 - YouTube

This remains a Research interest for me. This is a recent lecture I made in our “Grupo de Finanças Digitais” at UFPE, a Research Group about digital currency.


Hello Celo fam! I am Lucas from Insano Creative Lab - - and would like to contribute with some design and communications stuff. I’m a co-founder of ETHSamba where I first met Celo. Linked to this reply you can find a first draft.

Unfortunately Celo Forum does not allow gif content… Cover Proposition can also be found in gg docs linked at the post description =) What do you think about it? Any suggestions? Cover Proposition can also be found in gg docs linked at the post description =)


Great initiative @MilaRioja :green_heart:

Also great source for projects for our ReFi DAO podcasts in Spanish focusing on LatAm and in Portuguese! :slight_smile:


Hey @ricaax TY for your comment. And yes indeed - a rather convenient way to understand work done and reach the doers :slight_smile: Pls feel free to extend the podcast invitation here on the thread. I would be super happy to see this energized trough this post

Name of the StartUp/Founder/DAO + Logo
Talent Protocol + Blockhouse

Name of the Event/Accomplishment + Date
We made the “ReFi Day :recycle:” on the 15th August as side event of Eth Argentina.

** Paragraph (around 300 words) describing the accomplishment/activity**
We made a ReFi focus event during Eth Argentina, taking advantage of the amount of people attending. We were able to reach +100 builders and teach them about ReFi: What is it about, the verticals from it, projects helping the world and Celo initiatiives.
Event was divided into an IRL event and a podcast!

Thanks KNKT DAO for making this possible. We won the grant in their Jokerace contest

** Picture or link to youtube video**

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Thanks for the invite!

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Hi everyone! This is Max from Fork DAO. First time here! Thanks Mila, Martina and KnKt DAO for the invite.


FF 01: Urkku. May 2023

The first project FORK FOREST 01 was assembled in January 2023 and successfully completed in May². We supported a local organisation called ‘Zapam Zucum’ by providing means of financiation and tools to link them with the community. We set up an NFT collection³ and sold out. 100% of the money received at our first NFT campaign was directly dripped to ‘Zapam Zucum’. We also onboarded ‘Zapam Zupum’ successfully⁴, so they could open a hot wallet and use the funds without depending on anyone else. Thanks to all the efforts, we succesfully planted 50 native trees in an open reunion with the community and even members of the DAO travelling to be part. Works of ecological conservation were part of the job. It all ended with a festival with local bands at sunset.

FF 02: Los Cerrillos (ongoing)

For this second project, we are addressing an important problem in Argentina: improper use of agrochemicals. We are addressing the same region as the first project⁵, bonding strongly with the local community.

The region is the Traslasierras Valley in the province of Cordoba, in Argentina. We are working with an Agricultural Engineer who’s a High school teacher in a small town called Los Cerrilos. We met Ing. Fernando Parra in our first project, since we purchased native trees from his production. This town is suffering the consequences of the poor use of agrochemicals, and we intend to help.

The project is a 10km² forestal curtain mainly composed by native trees. Helped by the tools of GainForest, we can also measure all the benefits that a native forest brings to the world, and put value in a formerly forgotten area.

We are aiming to cover the first of the three stages, the first of three stages of the forestal curtain. This will take place in mid september in a collaboration with the commune of Los Cerrillos⁶ and with the presence and support of INTA⁷ (Argentina’s National Institute of Agricultural Technology). Detailed info is in the budget⁸.


We met GainForest team last year and we have been learning and working with them ever since. Our project is featured in their app, and thanks to that we can start measuring the impact of our work. I am sharing the episode of our Podcast where we speak with Facundo Cajen from GF.

We know Celo is alligned to our interests: both as a blockchain with positive impact and a tool thought for cell phones which opens up the game for so many rural people that doesnt own a PC. So we would love to connect with you all some more.


Thanks to KnKt DAO, we were able to host a ReFi talk at Fork DAO’s side event at Ethereum Argentina 2023 last week. We received +150 people and hosted a talk with Facundo Cajen about ReFi present and possibilites and about projects that we are working on. Our community is becoming more and more fond of ReFi as they get to know the works in territory. We also gave away arugula and chard seeds as Merch, people really liked it.

¹) FORK DAO | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree
²) Snapshot
⁴) Zapam Zucum on Instagram: "Presentamos a Fork Dao, ¡nueva Alianza! 🌳 🐛En el día jueves 20 de abril, en convenio con Zapam Zucum, @fork.dao inició su primer financiamiento colectivo, completado ¡en el tiempo récord de 48 hs! 🦋 ForkDAO es una organización autogestiva y descentralizada (DAO). Que brinda herramientas crypto, sobre tecnología blockchain a la comunidad hispanohablante, con el fin de mejorar los niveles de soberanía individual de las personas. 🌱Uno de sus ejes de trabajo es la ReFi -financiación regenerativa-,🌱orientada a contribuir económicamente con proyectos de conservación ecológica, el impulso de las economías locales y las energías alternativas. 🏹Gracias a su trabajo y acompañamiento inauguramos nuestra primera financiación en criptomoneda y recibimos en nuestra 🦊 wallet 🦊 o billetera virtual de Zapam Zucum (0x3a10Cef888a6F50b1cbfcFD0217c1f705a33D8f3) el aporte total recaudado de 400 Matic. 👏¡Gracias Fork por su apasionante misión! Y por su importante aporte a la restauración ecológica del monte transerrano! 🌳"
⁵) Valle de Traslasierra - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
⁸) FORK FOREST 02: Los Cerrillos - nº 3 por 00brujula - Gobernanza - Fork DAO,


Great initiative, sharing some contributions below:


Hello all!, im Demian from Wink!!!

Congratulations to the team for all that is being done! I love that we can do these initiatives in community! count on me for whatever you need!!!

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Victor Cioffi - Bankless Brasil Co-Founder

YouTube Interview, 03.28.2023

This was a podcast interview in Portuguese with Camila Rioja for a Brazilian audience with an educational objective to talk about use cases and potential of celo’s blockchain, mainly focused on public goods. Thus exposing the values and missions of the ecosystem that Celo is building.

Youtube Video


Hello there! I’m Daniel, the GoodDollar LATAM Lead. I wanted to reach out on behalf of the community I represent to extend our heartfelt congratulations for the fantastic work you’re doing. It’s clear to us that your primary focus on education is yielding remarkable results, and this recap truly reflects the positive outcomes of your strategic planning, dedication, and excellent teamwork. As you continue on this journey, which undoubtedly still has exciting paths ahead, we’re here to offer our unwavering support for anything you might need or want to collaborate on with GoodDollar. Best of luck, and know that we’re rooting for your continued success!