An advice to put a clear Marketing plan on social media

Hello guys wish you good

I have some questions

1- why I feel that the celo community is weak on x , not too much ppl talk about the coin not even the ppl who hold the coin ?let us do something .

2- with such a coin with a good project like celo we can easly make 5 to 10 x in the midterm , but I still can’t understand why the price of the coin is decreasing, knowing that the team is doing a good job !!

Finally I advise the team to work on the marketing a little bit , can the team put a clear marketing plan ? thanks


You’re 100% right; Celo is hardly ever discussed anywhere on the web, despite the fact that it is pretty much the only user friendly stablecoin-based chain out there. The marketing is borderline nonexistent.

It’s just a matter of time before a big chunk of the world starts adopting stablecoin in day-to-day life, and Valora and Opera Minipay are ideal for handling stablecoin transactions for people who are basically poor and not so tech saavy (i.e. the majority of human beings on planet earth); but as of right now, it seems like most of those people are going to end up using Tron USDT or Solana USDC.

The Celo team and community need to use social media to let people know exactly how the Celo way of interacting with stablecoin is leaps and bounds easier than the conventional crypto way.