Accessing discord chat

Hi, I’m trying to access discord chat and cannot get past bot, it says:

Click the check below to agree to the Celo Community Code of Conduct ( and start chatting”

But there’s no check below, nowhere to click.

Click on the check emoji, the one colored in green. You’ll see many members have clicked that emoji. That should enable you access to the Discord.

Thanks, I’m asking because there is no green check emoji, see attach.
I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave and from several computers so it’s nothing related to my settings.

Green check box should be at the end, below link for code of conduct.

You have to “react” to the message. See the emojis with the check-mark show a count of 2154 checks. Just click that

Thanks for the help, issue was that emoji were disabled in discord settings.
With them on, it worked.

I think theres an issue with discord app, tried updating it worked now.

Check it always helped me ! :smiley: