ZKAF proposal to CELO

Greetings Celo community from the ZK Alliance Foundation (ZKAF)

We are very excited to present our proposal to Celo and to champion Celo in its CEL2 journey.

The below statement is brief and outlines how ZKAF can support Celo as it migrates into the zkSync ecosystem.

You will remember that Alex Gluchowski, the CEO and co-founder of Matter Labs, separately described how your selection framework applies to the zkSync ecosystem: Applying the CEL2 Selection Framework to the ZK Stack & zkSync

Alex detailed expectations for Celo regarding governance and economic alignment, specifically: Independence within Ethereum, Roadmap Influence, Contribution Incentives, Tokenomic Implications, and Bridging.

As a fellow participant in the zkSync ecosystem, ZKAF would like to outline its proposal to Celo:

  • ZKAF will match the $2.7M to cLabs Public Goods Funding, which is designed to support the resources required for you to execute on the CEL2 Roadmap.
  • No fee share requirements.
  • Celo to receive a grant of 0.25% of any future zkSync token in support of innovation and the future of Celo.
    • Tokenholders are expected to be able to participate in governance within the zkSync ecosystem.
    • Note for Celo: It is important to ZKAF that this grant helps projects that are aligned to Celo’s core mission, particularly those that enhance personal freedoms and public goods, such as low/zero fee payment systems and other products providing equitable financial access in underserved populations.
      • As we extend grants to other ZK Stack teams, we will be consistent in our expectations for grant use. Details of the grants issuance will be decided by ZKAF on a project-by-project basis.
      • We have often seen unnecessary and irresponsible funding structure from many crypto-grants programs; ZKAF seeks to break this trend.
  • ZKAF is excited to work together with Celo to find more ways to support other initiatives and projects.
    • This might include other grant programs, separate and in addition to the above grant to Celo.
    • For example, one program that might be considered as a future grant recipient is the Celo Opera MiniPay partnership. Use cases like this in the Celo ecosystem can supplement other projects and participants in the zkSync ecosystem, and we would be very interested in supporting this.

As a core contributor to the ZK Stack and a premier chain in the zkSync ecosystem, cLabs, the Celo community and the Celo Foundation will be important voices in the ecosystem. ZKAF deeply values the experience you will bring as contributors.

Celo and ZKAF will be important and dedicated supporters of the best and most innovative projects and participants in the crypto space. We hope that together we can be a very powerful vehicle for facilitating progress, both for blockchain and the world.


Thanks @ZKAllianceFoundation for sharing this proposal! Enjoyed the dive-in yesterday during L2 Unplugged!

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Hi @ZKAllianceFoundation - I’m excited about this proposal and loved yesterday’s L2 Unplugged.

I see a lot of potential in Celo joining and shaping the zkSync ecosystem alongside ZKAF, Matterlabs, and the other stakeholders!

As I’m leading the Celo Public Goods Stewards, I love the note on ZKAF wanting to ensure these resources flow to the builders pushing Celo and ZkSync’s core mission of building a more free and equitable world.

Question: Will the 0.25% zkSync tokens grants be allocated to the Celo Community Treasury? Do we have any say (or more details) about the details of the grant issuance, such as potential vests and other terms? If you could share a benchmark or range, it would help a lot.

I see a lot of potential in co-creating programs, and look forward to exploring that further.