Would you use a new Cross-chain DEX to trade cStables?

Hey friends.

We at Lovecrypto have been researching a lot about interoperability because of our work with Brazil´s Central Bank. We built a POC that would allow users to buy Real World Assets (RWA) registered on the Real Digital Ledger. But the Real Digital Ledger is still 2 years away from being launched. So, as this cross-chain infrastructure based on Layer Zero that we built is close to production, we are considering launching a new product, a cross-chain DEX focused on emerging Stablecoins, like Celo´s cStables.

So, my questions for the community are: Where do you exchange your cStables today?

Do you think the world needs a new cross-chain DEX focused on stablecoins? Would you use it? Why or why not?

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Probably not.

Cross chain interactions in my mind are like foreign exchange, trading say Japanese YEN for Brazilian REAL. It’s only a valuable exchange (worthy of paying a fee) if there something I need to do in the other currency. If I leave Japan and head for Brazil and I can use the new currency to buy say groceries, that FX fee becomes worth paying.