Thought experiment: What will the world be with full interoperability between CBDCs and crypto?

Hey friends, I would like to ask your input in a thought experiment: What will the world be like when there are multiple CBDCs in production and available for the end users, and if there is FULL INTEROPERABILITY between those CBDCs and crypto?

I can start:

  • Crypto users will be able to invest on lower risk yield generating assets, like the sovereign debt of a country. For example, you could invest straight in cUSD in Brazil´s Tesouro Direto.
  • We can programmatically connect dApps on a CBDC chain and on a public blockchain to create composable effects. For example, the yield of a Sovereign Debt investment be automagically distributed in cUSD to communities in Impact Market or to preserve the Amazon through Moss Earth NFTs.
  • We can significantly lower the cost of financial services for end users in developing nations. For example, if I need to exchange my Brazilian Reais to US dollars in the bank, I will pay a 1.5% spread at the minimum. Whereas, if I used a CBDC bridge it would cost 0.3% spread at most.

What else the future holds if there is FULL INTEROPERABILITY between CBDCs and the crypto world?

There’s an upcoming “Stablecoins vs CBDC: A Future of Coexistence?” webinar taking place in Singapore on Oct 5. Maybe some of this will be discussed

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