(W3 music) :Funding to launch The First Music Marketplace On Cello Blockchain

Hello Community
my name is Larkim, I am a web3 community builder, and music creative.
I have positioned myself well to be surrounded by fellow creatives. I am into music and also studying music at the University of Lagos (Music hub of Africa). I host musical competitions and live concerts for web3 creatives.

We are building a Market place for independent music creatives (producers/songwriters)to be sustainable and make income while creating.
There are so many talented (up and coming )musicians that give up the dreams because of lack of income to fund and sustainability, we want to change that with W3music .

Project Overview

W3 is a one stop shop for all your music needs from (beats/ lyrics/ art cover/ ). You can get all you need to make music right at the comfort of your home.

With W3music dapp, songwriters and beat makers can mint their works onchain and make it available for public/ commercial use.

Take a little time to visualize this for a second, A songwriter who has a lot of composed songs/ melodies/ song ideas on his voice note/ phone library , can simply upload these songs on our dapp for sale.
This illustration also applies to Beat maker, a beatmaker can also upload different beats on W3music for sale and commercial use.
For Artists in need of song lyrics/beats etc, you can come to W3music to buy. Basically everything you need to make music will be available on W3music.

Problem Area we are solving

Low sales of transactions on Music dapps built on cello blockchain

lack of African diversity in Web3 space

Difficulty in sourcing for musical services

Lack of exposure of independent artist


Most music dapp built on the web3 blockchain don’t really get enough transactions and attention as it should, this is because a lot of creatives, most especially in Africa are not yet in tuned with the idea of music NfTs and music streaming on web3.

To attract Web2 creatives to the web 3 space. we have to give them something that can provide them income. W3 music dapp is going to be the game changer in Web3 music, by creating a Dapp that helps music creatives make money easily, this will organically attract them to the cello ecosystem, as they will be getting real value for their craft and also spending time on the dapp.

Note : W3music is not a streaming platform.
There are no music dapp in the web3 space that offers the same or similar value as w3 music, (none that I know of). W3 music will be the first of its kind.


W3 music has been in plan for over a year now, we have a growing community of music creatives on telegram ready to test the dapp and give feedbacks as we proceed with the development.

We are currently in our testing phase
Here is a link to view our testnet


W3music GitHub

creative community of 300+ music creatives on telegram waiting to test and use the product when it launches

We have Organized events to create awareness on our product.


Milestone 1 - $27,500 to finish development of dapp to launch (estimated time to complete: 3 months)

Complete development of dapp

Perform smart contract audit

Perform validation and user testing

Integrate Valora for easy transactions

Open call and bounty to work with more developers to build our product

launch on mainnet (estimated time to complete: 3 months)

Project management: $2,500

Total Budget: $27,500

Team Members

1.Oyeneye Akeem: project head

Technical Team

  1. Andres Dominguez technical leader
  2. Maria Arevalo Project manager
  3. Juan Ochando Front End Developer
  4. Hector Palencia Back End Developer

Our technical team, dvconsultores, is a company dedicated to develop software since 2004, at this moment we are full in web 3 , we are a small team of 12 dev.

Our GitHub is http://dvconsultores.com

Happy to take any questions or suggestions and shape this proposal with you.

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