Updates From the Celo Foundation

Hello Celo Community, I am thrilled to announce that I’m stepping into a new role as Executive Director at the Celo Foundation. Since joining Celo in 2021, I feel privileged to have supported our many values-aligned developers and founders. I am grateful to have met thousands of new founders and developers worldwide at many events in this time.

In the new role, I will continue to work to achieve Celo’s mission and vision of Building with purpose. Building for all. Let’s work together to continue to connect people through mobile devices and blockchain technology to empower them with new financial technologies enabling them greater agency and control of their finances!

Supporting the Developer Community remains one of our key areas of focus. I’d like to welcome @sophia [Sophia Dew] to the team, who will lead the Developer Relations team. With her experience as a startup founder and extensive community experience at PGN and in the Celo Community, you can expect to see more creative ways for developers and founders to build on Celo.

I am also excited to congratulate @Isha [Isha Varshney] as Head of Ecosystem. After over two years of leading DeFi partnerships and strategy within the Celo Foundation’s Ecosystem team, Isha is poised to make even greater contributions. Programs led by them like Bloom could be great opportunities to our Founder community.

To the founders and the Celo Community using many of the 1000+ growing projects, I look forward to working with and supporting you as best I can.

I always aim to help. please reach out!


Congrats @sophia and @Isha !!

Thanks Eric, looking forward to your community leadership!


Well deserved @ericnakagawa, I’ve always enjoyed catching up with you on those rare in-person events.

What’s the best contact method for you so we can spam you with unplanned work and communication debt? :wink:

Congratulations Eric.:tada:

Excited to work together and all the amazing things to come!

Congratulations Eric :muscle:t2: !

Congrats @ericnakagawa! and @Isha!