[TX Debugger] Tenderly Support on Celo

We’re seeing more and more requests for Tenderly support on Celo across various channels.

With this post we’d like to:

  • provide some updates on the status of Tenderly support on Celo (for future reference), and
  • collect requests for Tenderly support from the developer community (to help gauge the need)

:point_right: Our ask: If you want to use Tenderly on Celo, please:

  • upvote this post, or
  • comment how you’d like to use Tenderly (feel free to share as little or much detail as you want)

As always, all comments and reflections welcome! :pray:


Tenderly makes smart contracts development so much easier. Would love to have it working on Celo.

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Major +1

Been using Tenderly to debug transactions on our Polygon contracts and it’s a life saver! Would love to see something like this for the EVM & ReFi builders on Celo!

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Looking forward to see tenderly supported on Celo
Much needed

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@douglasqian also shared the following loom recording to describe his use case on Celo :100:

Tenderly is useful for simulations, CLI tools can do it too, but it’s nicer with a easy to use GUI.
I use tenderly on optimism, would be nice to have it on Celo too.

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yes that would be amazing!

Big yes please to this from us at Toucan Protocol! We are deployed and developing on Celo, and Tenderly is super useful!

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