StakedCelo: Removal of validator group after slashing event

Hey Celo community, and especially all users of StakedCelo:

We wanted to inform you about a MultiSig action, namely the removal of an unhealthy validator group.

Short summary:

  • The StakedCelo protocol aims to support the Celo network by simplifying the pariticipation of users in the consensus mechanism.
  • To support the consensus mechanism effectively only “healthy validators”, i.e. none that are slashed (which also results in lower epoch rewards), should not be voted for.
  • One of the validator groups the StakedCelo protocol currently votes for was slashed, and accordingly does not fulfill the requirements of the StakedCelo protocol anymore.
  • The multisig controlling the StakedCelo code has therefore initiated the removal of said validator group from the protocol. Currently, this is the only way to deactivate a group. With the upcoming v2 of the protocol, this will work quicker and permissionless.
  • 3/5 multisig holders have voted on the proposal, therefore, the 7-day timelock has started. It will elapse on Tuesday, 14 February 2023 12:16:23 CET. After that, the change will be executed and go into effect.


For anyone wishing to verify the proposal which will go into effect:

  • The proposal was submitted with this transaction and the following parameters:
    • Destinations: [0x0239b96D10a434a56CC9E09383077A0490cF9398]
    • Values: [0]
    • payloads: [0x04de86e800000000000000000000000034649ada2cb44d851a2103feaa8922deddabfc1c]
  • The validator group which was slashed is 0x34649AdA2cB44D851a2103Feaa8922DedDABfc1c
  • The payload needed to submit the multisig proposal was generated using
    • yarn hardhat --network mainnet stakedCelo:multiSig:encode:proposal:payload --contract “Manager” --function “deprecateGroup” --args “0x34649AdA2cB44D851a2103Feaa8922DedDABfc1c”
    • in the stCELO repo

For the moment, we will not replace the validator group with a new one, as we expect the new version v2 of StakedCelo to be deployed shortly (once the already started audit of the code is finished) - and this v2 will change the mechanism of how votes to validator groups are distributed.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know below.




the proposal has been executed with this transaction.