Release v1.1.0 of celo-blockchain

Celo’s first main release after Mainnet is here! This is the new release of celo-blockchain v1.1.0, which is the first major release since Mainnet activation and the security patch of v1.0.1.

This minor release is focused on the stability of the protocol and improving agility to make new changes.

Details of the Changes

Three nightly build tests were added to the existing e2e tests. They include a load test, sync test and mix version test.

Furthermore, this release has added fixes to on-chain corruption issues such as #1068 and an upstream 1.9.10 merge. Other fixes are related to fast sync and aggressive eviction on the txpool.

Other changes include the following:

eth_gasPrice for any gas currency #1070

● Add personal_decrypt RPC #1133

● Fix block format: Add epoch snark data to getBlock API #1096

● Add istanbul_getValidatorsBLSPublicKeys (preparation work for plumo) #1130

● Add RPCs for setting and query gateway fees ( #1038 )

There are more changes that are shown in the release notes, so please do make sure to check them out here.

Running the New Version

The timeline for this release as suggested by cLabs is the following:

● Cut the release (v1.1.0)

Week 1: Baklava testnet upgrade (1 week)

Validators and full node operators are encouraged to run the new build on the Baklava testnet first, in order to ensure the build’s stability. You can do this by pulling the Docker image for the Baklava testnet as found in the docs here:

Week 2: Alfajores testnet upgrade (1 week)

Once the new build has run on Baklava for a week, and the network looks stable, cLabs will upgrade the validator nodes on the Alfajores testnet. This allows developers who are using Alfajores as their testing environment to test any new changes that may affect their apps.

Week 3: Mainnet upgrade

Once developers have had a chance to test changes on Alfajores, and the network has been stable for a week, cLabs suggests that node operators upgrade their nodes on Mainnet. You can run the new version by pulling the Docker image for the Mainnet as found in the docs here:

For more information about the release process, please checkout the docs: Blockchain Client - Celo Docs.

The new version of celo-blockchain on Baklava is tagged with baklava release. So, you can pull the latest image from the following URL here:

It’s important to note that the Docker image has changed from celo-node to geth so it is recommended to use the geth image moving forward.

After you have tested out the node with Baklava, you can begin pulling the latest image for mainnet as found in docs here: Running a Full Node - Celo Docs

The latest image is tagged with mainnet and latest so the latest image will be: and

Please reach out to the Celo community Discord if you have any questions or need support in this process.

$ docker run -v $PWD:/root/.celo --rm -it init /celo/genesis.json

Fatal: Failed to read genesis file: open /celo/genesis.json: no such file or directory

is this expected behaviour? no /celo folder in this image (celo-node has it still)

Hi, can you check the docs for running Baklava again? We had an issue with merging the updated docs so you were reading outdated ones. In the new updates, you won’t need to do geth init anymore. Let me know if you get stuck.

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