[PROPOSAL] Establishment of Blockchain Schools & Hubs

Hello, Community!

I have been considering an idea that could assist the community in attracting exceptional talent. The concept revolves around assisting web2 developers in learning blockchain by establishing Celo Blockchain Hubs and Schools. Although there are numerous online programs that teach blockchain, the majority of them do not cover advanced features and are inaccessible to people living in areas with limited internet and electricity. Furthermore, I believe that the massive amount of money funnelled into various Learn-to-Earn programs can be used to build and maintain these hubs.

Through its free scholarship program, the schools will provide React, Solidity, and other courses ranging from beginner to advanced. One of the program’s completion criteria could be the completion of high-quality group projects on Celo. Successful participants may be awarded additional grants and be permitted to participate in Celo hackathons. Graduates of these schools can help with community projects or find jobs within the ecosystem.

Celo developers will be able to meet, connect, and build in the hubs.

To discuss the concept further, please contact me on Discord (iamoracle#0226).


Hey @iamoracle , I strongly agree to this. To state an example of similar hubs like these, I have been part of and seen the work done by Solana U, during my early days learning Rust. They have a strong student community, some of them who have built massive projects in the recently concluded Solana Summer Camp Hackathon.
Some key takeaways from initiatives like these:

  1. Meetups are decided and conducted at regular intervals by the members of the community in their respective schools and colleges.
  2. Their community is slowly pushing towards incorporating blockchain basics and development in extra curricular activities held at school, in addition to the traditional curriculum, where these extra courses are conducted by members of blockchain clubs, which amount to university credits.
  3. Some of the members of the student community are ambassadors in their community, and conduct periodic developer roadshows, and in-person bootcams explaining different topics.

So overall, it is a tightly knit community of students, of the ecosystem, for the ecosystem, and by the ecosystem :grinning: that fosters growth!

I believe many online programs, are really good, but most of them are not tailored in a way to teach the true values and mission of the ecosystem. A lot of the tutorials involve the same code deployed to multiple chains. This is definitely a good suggestion.


I super agree with you on this. I personally have been working to achieve this which is why I through our BNUG platform, embarked on a physical building that can make this a breeze in Lagos Nigeria. I wanted to make it a Developer-In-Residence program of 3 months where qualified candidates can stay without going back or forth until they finish the program. Everything to enjoy while working will be made available…constant water, food, a swimming pool, table tennis, a mini gym, indoor games and of course super fast internet and solar electricity. The first part is completed and the second part is about to begin. I hope Celo Foundation can approve this initiative. Here’s a 350-degree pic of what is already on the ground. We can work on this together…


This is great. How can I be part of this? How can I reach you?

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I’m @chutachimezie on Telegram. @Chimeziechuta on Twitter. Email: [email protected]. https://www.linkedin.com/in/chimeziechuta/

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