Please help me! I can’t withdraw Celo from Coinlist wallet…

Please help me! I can’t withdraw Celo from Coinlist wallet…
This is my Erc20 wallet address on coinlist wallet: 0x17534bfdAbC284e8Ae68732825702B5556dA094c

Currently this wallet address has my Celo token: 169.9985 CELO

I don’t know how to pull them out. Help me.

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Hi @voanhtuan1510 - check out our article in receiving funds from an exchange.

Please give specific instructions. I do not know where to start? To withdraw from coinlist wallet…

I don’t have personal experience with CoinList, but I did find this article. You may want to reach out to their support team for more specific instructions on sending funds out of their exchange.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for replying to me. I contacted and they replied to me thanks to the celo community guide.

Thank you for contacting CoinList.
As previously stated, the wallet address 0x17534bfdAbC284e8Ae68732825702B5556dA094c is not a CoinList Celo wallet. We do not have jurisdiction over that wallet address.
In order for you to withdraw your CELO from that wallet, please contact the support team of that platform for guidance.

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Have you been holding or you mistakingly send to it

I sent the wrong wallet address. And now I want to pull out Celo. That’s my wallet address