Metapyxl- A trusted exchange for your creative assets [Batch 6]

Short description
Metapyxl is solving the missing security component in protecting digital media from the asset itself anywhere online.

Tiffany McGarity - CEO
Jennifer Walling- VP of Business Strategy
John McGarity – Head of Branding, Identity and Design
Bob Michelson - CFO
Jon Cannon - CTO
Vanessa Barcenes - CCSO

Problem: Metapyxl provides a method for which a creator has the ability to protect, promote securely, track and get paid for their hard work.

Solution: Founded for creators by creators. The Metapyxl approach is a proactive placement and underlying solution design architecture of embedded references to highly secured owner, intellectual property, and transaction information. A unique, digital fingerprint designed to be impervious to social media stripping algorithms, manipulations, screen shots, compression, and a file reformat establishes the ability to merge this unique protection technology with customizable smart contracts and blockchain registration which will be seamless and easy to create by the user and will provide survivable ownership that is robust and impervious to damage and deletion.

Traction: To date, Metapyxl’s security technology has a growing list of support and LOI’s from creators & businesses.

Technical Implementation
Metapyxls dApp running on Celo with wallet integrations. A Mobile first approach allows us to streamline and focus on our most impactful set of features and by being able to link mobile phone numbers to a public key will allow users an easy to use, peer-to-peer payment method system for those that had not thought they had the skills or finances to meaningfully create or protect or promote their work.

Next Steps
Working to finalize our full tech implementation to provide additional smart contracts to and to be able to verify historical transactions, licensing, or usage from the asset anywhere online.

We are looking to formalizing partnerships in the ecosystem and are fundraising.

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