Leadership changes at cLabs

I want to let everyone know about some leadership changes at cLabs.

I am excited to share that I am passing the baton of CEO to Marek Olszewski. You all know Marek as one of the founders and the technical visionary of Celo. As cLabs continues to evolve into the leading public goods provider for the Celo ecosystem, I can’t think of anyone better to drive the company forward.

Some of you might know that Marek and his wife welcomed a new baby into the world earlier this year. He’s officially back in office full-time as of Monday May 20th, and has stepped into the role of cLabs’ CEO upon his return. After heading to Berlin Blockchain Week and Celo Gather his first week back, Marek’s fully up to speed.

As for me, I want to thank everyone here who’s helped this chapter of my time at cLabs so incredible. I’m proud of everything we’ve achieved – from record growth in usage, in developers, and in our L2 roadmap. This is a great community. But stepping down does not mean stepping away. I have been a core contributor to the Celo network and ecosystem for five years, and my enthusiasm and commitment to Celo will remain unchanged. I’m going to use this year to realize a bucket list of travel plans with my family, but I will stay on at cLabs as an advisor, help operate a community validator, contribute to protocol governance, and generally support any way that I can with the exciting work that is happening around us to realize Celo’s mission.

Congrats to Marek!



@tim, thank you so much for your leadership through some of the most exciting and transformative years for cLabs and the Celo ecosystem to date! We’re grateful for your technical leadership and all that you have accomplished from the work on the initial launch of Celo to the ongoing CEL2 migration and so much more! Like many in the ecosystem, I’m trilled to continue to work together within the broader Celo community!

I’m very excited to step into the role of cLabs’ CEO, and look forward to continuing my work with the team and broader ecosystem to continue striving for technical excellence as we bring Celo back home to Ethereum. It’s going to be an excellent summer and I can’t wait to hear from the community with feedback and ideas as we prepare for the CEL2 testnet this summer!



@tim i still remember our first conversation and the excitement of having someone join the founding team who can not only bring incredible technical leadership but also be a thought partner on this insanely ambitious journey we had set out to. Thank you. Celo would not be what it is today without you.

@marek congratulations on the new role & chapter of growing Celo. Excited for our continued partnership.


Congrats Both of you :raised_hands:

  • @marek for your big family step and your new role. Looking forward to help cLabs in all the ways I can support it and excited about this upcoming L2 transition.
  • @tim for this years of hard work in cLabs and also looking forward to have you in some Governance Calls and posting her in the forum. Enjoy your travels. :ship:

Thanks for your great contributions to the Celo ecosystem @tim and the whole team at clabs.

And congratulations to @marek on the new role :raised_hands:

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Wishing you all the best in your future pursuits !

Congratulations, Marek!

Best regards,

Stake Capital Team

Congratulations @marek.
Thanks for your great contribution @tim