👋 I'm CEO of Mysten Labs

Hey Celo, community. I’m Evan, CEO of Mysten Labs. We are excited to be working with the awesome Celo team to push the boundary of blockchain technology forward. More specifically, here are the three directions we are pursuing:

  • Augment Celo’s PoS BFT consensus with an advanced mempool to boost throughput. This will lower transaction fees and enable new use cases for the Celo blockchain.
  • Enhance Celo’s mobile-first wallet with technology for recovering the wallet’s private keys, even if the phone is lost or stolen. This removes a major barrier to safe self-custody.
  • Provide support for the Move virtual machine alongside Celo’s existing EVM-based execution. This will allow Celo developers to benefit from the safety of Move while interacting seamlessly with existing Celo smart contracts.

Now the fun part. :grin: I heard it’s customary for new members of the community to introduce themselves with share some facts about themselves. Here are three facts about me. Can you guess which is a lie? :thinking:

  • I never finished high school
  • I was the only member of Novi Research who didn’t have a PhD
  • I am an extreme introvert according to Myers & Briggs test

Welcome Evan! Super excited to be working with you and the entire Mysten team! Let’s make Celo an even better platform for mobile DeFi than it is today!

Since I dropped out to start a startup in my final year of my PhD at MIT, I can relate to #2 and will guess that this is the lie :grinning:

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Welcome! I am Mila, the Eco. Lead for Brazil. I would vote #2 too.

Note: I am an extreme extrovert and can talk for the two of us anytime you want to connect :slight_smile:

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Hello Evan and Mysten team! I’m excited to see such an ambitious roadmap for things your team will bring to Celo! Can’t wait to share this with our community of developers around the world!

Welcome Evan!! So happy to have you and the team as part of the community, and really excited about all three initiatives. And I vote that #1 is a lie!

if one is true, 2 would be a lie (unless multiple people didnt have a PHD?)

Welcome Evan! unless you can skip highschool and get a PhD, I will go w #2.

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Smartest guess so far! :brain:

Welcome Evan and the entire Mysten team join the Celo Ecosystem :tada:

Very excited about the work you and the team are doing to lower fees and enable new use cases on Celo! :raised_hands:t3:

My vote is for #1

Welcome to the community, Evan! I’m voting #3 is the lie :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you!

Hi Evan, welcome to the Celo community! I vote #2 :smiley:

Hi Evan, welcome to the community! I’m looking forward to seeing your work :slight_smile:. I’m also voting #2 hehe

BIG welcome, Evan! I’m going with #1, seems highly probably that you just graduated early from high schools and then headed onto your bachelor’s degree.

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Hey Evan, welcome!
Seeing lots of 1s and 2s here. I’ll bet #3 just to be different :slight_smile:

Welcome, Evan!! Thanks for helping Celo run even faster! :grinning: My name is Mengfan and I am leading Celo’s APAC Marcom. Representing our APAC community to welcome you to the ecosystem!

Vote for #1

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Welcome to the funny farm! Looking forward to collaborating with you more in the future!!

And, same. I’m going with #3. As an “extrovert” who doesn’t score as such on any meyers briggs survey, i’m here to say that sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover;-)

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Welcome @evan!!! I’m very excited for the directions you are pursuing because all three will help Celo scale to meet the demand.

Regarding two truths and a lie, I think we need a KnoxEdge market to resolve this question.


A huge welcome @evan, it’s super exciting to have you on board! Heavily free riding on the logical analysis of folks above me, I am going with #2 as the lie.

Welcome to the community!! I’m going to say #3 “introvert”.