Jan 20th 2022 Governance Call Agenda

Further to @Yaz’ email notification, here are a few topics that may be good to also get a quick update from stakeholders on:

  1. What’s the timeline for making the multi-sig public and what approach has been aligned on? Forum post: Alternatives to the 3 of 9 multi-sig for CGP approval

  2. What’s the timeline/roadmap for removing the recovery multi-sig from Optics? Celo Forum Post: Optics v2 is live

  3. What’s the roadmap for adding new stables? Where can I find a list of what currencies we plan to do in what order? Celo Forum Post: Adding CHF and schedule for other cStables

  4. Yaz mentioned something about 40% natural asset reserves in the email announcing this governance meeting. Is there a specific proposal beyond the general natural capital forum post?

Lastly, for reference, here is a copy of the agenda from Yaz’ email:

  • Update on CGP-47: Airdrop Funding for Optics Bridging Ethereum to Celo
  • Discussions on Celo Reserve and 40% Commitment of Natural-Backed Assets to the Reserve

with thanks to Yaz for coordinating/arranging the meeting.


Hi Pinotio, feel free to add those discussion items as a response to the Github ticket so they are tracked Celo Governance Call 15 · Issue #116 · celo-org/governance · GitHub