IS CELOWALLET.IO a legit website?

I was directed to go there by the support staff of Velodrome (an Optimism Dapp), in order to see their deprecated vaults, I need to "import my (metamask) wallet into Celo using this very shady website, which asks you for your private passphrase. I created a burner wallet and tried this but was rejected, only to be told by the support that I needed to use the original address of the deprecated vault.
Shady AF? or legit? Also I didn’t have any luck trying to send the LP token to a burner wallet addy and using that (which is why I was told I needed to use the original address)

Hi kmadcaddy,

Thanks for brining this up. This site does not look legit. We’ll work on the takedown. Please do not use celowallet[.]io.

Please use this is the official web hot wallet but hardware wallets are always recommended. :slight_smile: