Introducing Pando: reliable yield from real world climate solutions

Hi all,

I’m happy to introduce the Pando team to this community. We have long been inspired by Celo’s focus on Regenerative Finance and approach to a better financial system. Our goal at Pando is to radically accelerate the flows of capital to climate solutions – we do this by offering investments that enable institutions to “do well and do good” (e.g. both earn competitive returns and support climate-positive technologies).

Below is some more information about us and the types of projects we support.

Background on Pando:
Pando is made up of a team of climate fintech entrepreneurs and financiers. We care deeply about climate solutions and are building solutions that enable investors to earn competitive returns. We helped build Mosaic, which has funded more than $7 Billion in U.S. residential solar loans (these assets have been purchased by top-tier global financial institutions because the risk-adjusted returns are attractive to them). Our team also helped lead the U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Program, deploying more than $60 Billion in capital to energy projects and companies. We believe that real world climate assets (like renewable energy systems) can provide DeFi protocols with stable, climate-positive returns that are not correlated with the broader crypto market.

Background on the assets:
The Pando team focuses on financing proven climate technology. We don’t currently engage in projects with meaningful technology risk: this is partially because we want to offer a high degree of reliability to investors, and partially because we believe proven climate technologies like Solar, when deployed at scale, can have an immediate and massive impact on communities and ecosystems. We are generally excited about natcap solutions, carbon credits and technological innovation; but, our team has developed a deep expertise in financing renewable energy and have chosen to focus on that area for now.

Pando focuses on offering reliable yield to protocols with underlying assets that are real world, renewable-energy generating systems, that are also revenue-generating. This means the cashflows from Pando’s assets are stable and uncorrelated with the broader crypto market. In general, our assets are deployed to individuals/businesses/communities that are benefitting from owning their own source of clean energy. We support projects both in the U.S. and around the globe.

Pando’s legal and regulatory approach has been signed off on by Perkins Coie. We leverage standard best-practices from the world of Project Finance in our deals. We are happy to share more details on approach and process.

All of Pando’s projects aim to help proven climate solutions achieve scale, while enabling the end-users of those solutions to save money. In terms of social and environmental impact, Pando’s projects prevent greenhouse gas emissions, provide new degrees of energy stability and independence to users, and generally allow users to reduce energy costs while switching from traditional energy infrastructure to renewable sources of energy.

We’re excited about the growing conversations in the Celo community about how to best assess the benefits/challenges of real world assets. We’ll do our best to offer our perspective where helpful. In general, we know that there is a massively growing pipeline of real world climate assets across the globe; we think, if done right, protocols like Celo can benefit from competitive and reliable yields while also backing their tokens with real world climate impact.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to many more conversations!


Mosaic is that installment loan solar thing no?
It kinda have awful Yelp reviews…

Hi diwu1989. I’m Peter, part of the Pando Team. Mosaic has transacted over $7b in loans over the past 8 years, so it is not surprising that they have had complaints (117 reviews on the Yelp link you shared, out of the many tens of thousands of transactions). Negative reviews for large businesses at scale are unavoidable. However, according to the US-based Better Business Bureau, Mosaic has an A+ rating, which is the highest possible rating. That said, Dan and Dori from Pando helped start Mosaic, so they would be well-positioned to answer any specific questions you might have. Thanks!


Thanks for the introduction and welcome to the Forum @Dori & @Peter_Pando!