Introducing Celo Gather: A Community Meet Up Program

Hello @annaalexa we attended last time to a presentation about Celo in @events.hashhouse made by @juancamp1987 and we go deeper into the technical documentation and learn all about how to develop over Celo.

We are a community of Developers in Medellín, Colombia that have workshops every saturday you can learn more about in our web

We already have the worksho scheduled for May 20th and we love to count with Celo Support.


Hello @annaalexa , I am Neha Roy from India. A marketing and operations professional with 20yrs of work experience.

At present I am working with @lopeselio at IntoTheVerse as a Growth and Marketing lead and also a part of core team. Building community and grow our socials by value added and organic marketing practices.

I started my web3 journey in 2021 and have been a part of multiple projects so far. Along with IntoTheVerse, am also building a knowledge base community throughout India especially to help with transition from web2 to web3 and help with a roadmap to learn. The name of my communist IRL Amigo.

I host several offline and online events so far including India Blockchain Tour 2022 and Metamorphosis 2022. Planning more events in Kolkata, Assam and Pune at present.

I have applied for Celo Gather Program to host meet ups and also looking forward to grow awareness and community for Celo.

Kindly look into my application, would be glad to be a part of Celo Ecosystem.

Attaching my LinkedIn profile for your perusal

Looking forward to start a journey with Celo.

Warm Regards.

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Hey @Royneha Neha, nice to see you on the forum. I really like the way you have been growing and educating communities IRL Amigo and Web3Assam, along with Anurag, and I think this will be a great initiative for Kolkata, and the North Eastern part of India, and happy to support you with any developer related initiatives.

Last week, I did a workshop on Building Smart Comtracts on the Celo Network, at Padre Concessao College of Engineering, in Goa, in association with their student computer science club ACM-PCCE (Association for Computing Machinery) and the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology. This has been the second Celo workshop event at PCCE so far, and I am really excited by the even better response this time. I am also planning a collaboration with Web3Goa, in order to do more of these developer focused events to help the budding community.


Hello Elio, Yes, I appreciate your support and also Kudos to the workshops that you conduct. Would love to associate with you in your mission.

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Just completed the form. Is this program still running?

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Good day, I just applied to host a Celo meetup. Thank you

Hi Keith! Got back to you, please let us know once you have more details about what kind of event you’d like to hold!

Thank you for applying! I see you’re also interested in hackathons, I think it there’s a great fit for you to contribute your skills to Africa DAO community and connect with the hackathons they are planning to run.

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Thank you @annaalexa for that, but it is also key to note that starting and growing a Celo community via meetups will ultimately lead to a successful hackathon result, which will lead to some projects being built on Celo. Thank you

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Good day. I applied yesterday but I didn’t get any acknowledgement of the application. Am I to get an acknowledgement? Thanks!

Hi @HamplusTech we received your application and will get in touch via email!


Thanks for your reply.

@annaalexa ,I as well submitted my application last week, any update about it.

Will follow up via email with you with a decision and next steps!

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Hello & Namaste Folks!

I am super happy to share that on 7th, we did the very first web3 meetup for the state of Chhattisgarh.

The participants loved the idea of community building and they are interested in practicing this in coming days!

We have some exciting things planned! Stay tuned!


Thank you so much for sharing! Sounds like it was an awesome event, looking forward to hearing more of your ideas for hackathons.


@annaalexa Hello, just want to inform you that I just submitted my application to host a Celo meetup event for my city. Waiting for your response. Thank you

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Congrats for the successful event.

Thank you for applying! Confirming that we received your application and will contact you via email to let you know the status of your application.

@annaalexa, I just re-applied to host the Celo Gather event in a different city, and I do hope to get your approval. Thank you