In WP, the part of "4.3 Increasing user base ..."

“One can even imagine a scenario in which these
block rewards are issued by waiving transaction fees for a certain number of transactions in the stable
currency per unit time, implemented through part of the block reward going to paying transaction fees
of users, set at a rate to ensure a certain transaction speed, and prioritized based on the amount of
their stake.”

Maybe due to not very good reading skills of mine, I don’t fully understand what it means.
Are there anyone who to help me understanding?

Is this paragraph means like :

If I’m wrong, please help me to correct. Thank you.

Hi Brian,

Seems you’re referring to the white paper. It needs updating. We probably aren’t going to implement that. Stay tuned for a blog post coming out shortly on the revised proof-of-stake design.

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Thank you, then I’m looking forward to reading the post with the news about “the revised version” very soon.