I wanted to build my project CeloHealth.org

Hi everyone,

          I’m sorry to disturb everyone since I don’t have some requirements to apply for Grants. I decided to post it here. I’m looking for support in building this project. We can’t execute this project with a team of two.


  •   To be the first and number 1 healthcare insurance provider of play-to-earn guilds, and learn-to-earn communities, and to cover the healthcare needs in Blockchain.

Proposal Overview:

  •   I would like to build this project and start with Celo since I found Celo’s core and vision aligns with my goals in the community. The project will bridge the community to their healthcare needs, especially for P2E scholars where most don’t have access to healthcare and insurance.
  •   I wanted to request full funding to start the project and start researching for partner HMOs within Asia.

Stake for Health- here is where they will stake tokens to get a certain level of coverage of a life insurance policy.
Silver Plan, Gold Plan, Platinum Plan

Stake 100,000 CHO$ gets Silver

200,000 CHO$ gets Gold

300,000 CHO$ gets Platinum

Healthcare to NFT- the blockchain access to our medical needs.
(Estimate $1m-$1.5m)

-There will be two types of NFTs

A.) The Limited Edition will only be available on launching, in which the investor can transfer the NFT or opt to sell it. After selling it to the new owner to protect the HMO partners the NFTs policy will only take effect after 2mos.
B.) The NFTs we hold will be available in ERC 4610 where they rent the NFT to get a Healthcare benefit which will provide them more access instead of availing a solo or a family plan.

Please comment with your suggestions thank you!

So you want to invent a game that mixes NFT with people’s medical records?

Water and oil don’t mix.

Nope, when you say NFT it doesn’t mean that it has to be game or art. I guess you were too focused on developing games, which is actually my advantage to this project.

Research already took place which I personally did and funded. I found out that most NFT holders and P2E gamers don’t invest or have access to Healthcare and some are paying double because they don’t belong to any organization.

Water and oil don’t mix. -Btw let me answer this, it does mix, and it’s called emulsion and to stabilize it you have to add an emulsifier, which this project is all about.

Thanks for your response and I wish to have more conversations here :slight_smile:

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