I can't unlock coins

Hello, I locked up coins 3 years ago.
Now I remember I want to withdraw it but I can’t.
Validators in which the coins were locked are not available.
What to do ?


Hi @Alex1, this is simple, you just need 2 steps

  1. Find the Validator address.
  2. Paste it into the Validator Group.

And from there, you will be able to revoke the filled validator group.

Step 1: Find the validator group address

Step 2: Grab your wallet address from the Othello wallet

Step 3: Go to your wallet Celo info on the Celo Explore - where you can see all your vote validator

Replace the [YOUR_ADDRESS_HERE] with your one → https://explorer.celo.org/mainnet/address/[YOUR_ADDRESS_HERE]/celo

Step 4: Just click into each validator group link and copy their address - 1 by 1

Step 5: Paste the `validator address into the Othello UI and Revoke the voted coin

Hope that helps you. Sorry as the forum doesn’t allow me to send the screenshots in the comment.