Hard fork part 2

Hello, I am syncing a full node on baklava testnet in order to test the L2 hard fork.
It is mentioned that I should use an ethereum node when it will happen.
Do you have more detail on this?

  • should I add an argument in order to pass the eth API URL?
  • which ethereum network should I provide?

I have the same question about eigenDA, because the full node should do the same after ethereum: https://global.discourse-cdn.com/business7/uploads/celo/original/2X/b/bdb9f39464270f022b8868d13b09c4a8cd0f3ddd.jpeg
Thank you very much

hey - I think there is some misunderstanding here: Gingerbread hard fork

  1. has nothing to do with EigenDA or L2 node
  2. it is a standard hard fork for the current Celo type chain
  3. there are some features, which are relevant for an L2 upgrade which will happen later (thinking… 2024), but there is no change of the blockchain to an L2 now

Hope this clears things up?