Governance proposal to bump minimum client version to 1.0.1

Hello everyone,

In early July, cLabs released celo-blockchain v1.0.1 to fix a critical security vulnerability. Since it is important that every participant upgrades their nodes, cLabs has submitted a governance proposal to bump the minimunClientVersion to 1.0.1. You may learn more about the details of this governance proposal here.

You can view the details using the following command:

celocli governance:view --proposalID 10 --node

Anticipated timeline:

  • July 28: cLabs submits the proposal; CELO holders will have 24h to upvote.
  • July 29: If dequeued, approvers review the proposals.
  • July 30: If approved, CELO holders have 5 days to vote YES, NO, or ABSTAIN.
  • August 4: If the proposal passes, the minimunClientVersion will be upgraded to 1.0.1

If you have any comments or questions we suggest replying here (vs. reaching out on Discord, Telegram, or email) so as to keep the conversation asynchronous and inclusive.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts,
The cLabs team

Hello everyone,

Earlier, cLabs submitted a governance proposal to bump the minimum client version to v1.0.1 to enforce a critical security fix. However, through our conversations with node operators, developers, and partners, we have realized that some community members are not ready to upgrade their nodes within the short timeline. In order to prevent unexpected interruptions to services and operations that depend on the Celo network, cLabs has recommended approvers not to approve. In the case that this proposal is approved, cLabs recommends the community to delay this proposal by voting “NO”. When more stakeholders have upgraded their nodes, cLabs will re-introduce this proposal.

If you have not upgraded your celo-blockchain software to v1.0.1, please do so ASAP, by following these steps:

  1. Stop and kill your node container
  2. Pull the latest image
  3. Start the node container

Note that you do not need to re-sync the chain data. Also, if you know someone who’s still running on the older version, please remind them to upgrade!

If you are not familiar with the CLI, here are the commands for updating the image of a full node:

export NETWORK_ID=42220
docker stop celo-fullnode & docker rm celo-fullnode
docker pull $CELO_IMAGE
cd celo-data-dir
docker run --name celo-fullnode -d --restart unless-stopped -p -p -p 30303:30303 -p 30303:30303/udp -v $PWD:/root/.celo $CELO_IMAGE --verbosity 3 --networkid $NETWORK_ID --syncmode full --rpc --rpcaddr --rpcapi eth,net,web3,debug,admin,personal --light.serve 90 --light.maxpeers 1000 --maxpeers 1100 --etherbase $CELO_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS --bootnodes $BOOTNODE_ENODES --nousb

You can refer to the documentation here for full nodes and here for validators.

The cLabs Team