Full Node minimal requirements

Dear community,

I’d like to run a full node, but I could not find what are the requirements, other than having Docker installed on a Linux box. Things I’m not sure about:

  • Minimal disk space? RAM?
  • Is a good GPU required, or is the work CPU-only?
  • Number of cores? Recommended speed?
  • Do I need the node to be publicly accessible from the internet (i.e. like a regular web server) or can it live behind an office/home network router?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

Howdy @a.michael , I’m not an expert on min requirements but I can say the following from experience:

I ran a full node on a MacBook Air 2020 model Intel i3 with 8 GB RAM. I was just on my wifi network at home, using ProtonVPN (not sure that last part matters).

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