Full Node - Australia

Managed to get a celo Full Node up and running …next step is to make it a Validator.

Is there a telemetry to find other online Full Nodes



Hi Pkrasam! We are excited that you are running our node so quickly after our launch!

Regarding your question about telemetry, our nodes are currently using the same V4 discovery protocol that Ethereum uses.

More specifically, our nodes will initially query our bootnode to discover other nodes, and then iteratively query those nodes, to expand it’s awareness of other nodes in the network. I’m happy to go into more detail if needed.

Let us know if you have any other questions!



Where I can find the instructions to run a node and set up a validator?

Hi UbikCapital,

Thank you for your interest! You can find instructions on how to run a validator and a full node on our documentation at https://docs.celo.org/getting-started/running-a-validator