Framework of world’s most useful DAO

This Idea is to pioneer a global economy centered on growing life with solar powered irrigation system. Foods like Quinoa with negative carbon effect and great value to the campaign of ending global hunger will be priotized. Our Decentralized Autonomous Organization will mint NFT representation of real Agro products, and LiveBlocks of actual farmsteads. This will bring life and real value to NFTs, help in building a sustainable and productive ecosystem for our community and successfully combat drought challenges in Agriculture. This idea will harness local communities to participate in this noble call to nature, as they get rewarded according to universal basic earnings. We have a smart contract framework for the protocol, and the LiveBlocks will be decentralized real estates to incorporate a farmstead, living quarters, ict hub, music and culture studio, sports and recreation lawn and a solar powered irrigation system. We look forward to setting up the DAO protocol, then we can mint and sell native NFTs. Since this campaign is open and decentralized, the first 10 investors in this protocol in resource or kind will become the founders of the first LiveBlock.

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