[FINAL] Retroactive Validator Rewards Program #1 | QF and RPGF Rounds

Well said @LuukDAO . This is our 4th blockchain since 2018 - the main reason we couldn’t run validators on other chains (and hence guarantee the (low gas) price of our services to folks in refugee camps) was because it was far to expensive to even get started.

The cost of actually running the validator was not the problem - it was how much you had to buy in. Currently on Celo you get roughly ~$70-100 daily running an elected validator - while you might try to explain that running a validator costs more than $100 a day (does running 5 cost more than $500 a day?) … well people in the know would simply jump at the current opportunity to be part of this eco-system at the infrastructure layer.

I’m all about having a cost for running a service that provides a competitive return above the raw cost of providing that service - and like how @LuukDAO is trying to make sense of things - rewarding activities … bringing more active users onto Celo etc. :peace_symbol: