Existing Governance Tools and L2 Governance Framework Comparison

This thread provides an overview of the existing Celo Ecosystem tools and a breakdown with takeaways from the Governance frameworks used by the largest L2s to help provide a common ground for the Governance Sprint ahead of CEL2.

Call to action: If you know any other useful Celo Tools or have insights related to functional Governance frameworks of other L2s/DAOs, please feel invited to share them in this thread!

Existing Celo Ecosystem Tools
Various Celo Governance tools have been identified and mapped during the research phase. The most relevant tools are linked below, and a complete overview of Notion can be found here.

Existing L2 Governance Frameworks
To avoid having to re-invent the wheel around setting up improved Celo Governance guidelines, an analysis has been created of the existing Governance Frameworks used by the largest L2 (Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon). The Governance Call on Wednesday, November 8th, presented an early version of these insights.

The entire dashboard can be found here ←

The overview is created based on the following parameters:

  • Constitution or Guidelines: Core documents that provide guidance/rules for Governance and Operations.
  • Governing Body: The different elements/entities with authority over certain network elements.
  • Voting Solution: The solution used to record and execute votes.
  • Governance Stewardship: A group of people stewardship (guide) governance.
  • Discussion: The process through which discussion takes place.
  • Legal Wrapper: The relationship between one or multiple legal organizations and the on-chain Governance.
  • Proposal Format: The standard formats used for Governance Proposals.
  • On-chain Treasury: The resource and reach of an on-chain treasury.
  • Submission Threshold: The minimum requirements to submit a Proposal.
  • Voting Threshold: The minimum vote outcome required to pass a Proposal.

The insights gained from the Governance Framework Comparison form the basis for the Celo Governance Rework proposal. Some of the key takeaways include:

  • Our latest Vision paper has aged significantly. It can be helpful for the Community to re-establish our shared north star in an updated (vision) paper.
  • The Celo Governance body is one-dimensional compared to others; we currently only have one type of Governance / Decision-making, whereas others have multiple.
  • While having Governance Approvers, they play a relatively minor role in Governance stewardship compared to other ecosystems.
  • Other ecosystems have more structured and standardized proposal standards.
  • Our submission threshold is extremely low compared to others.
  • While dynamic, our quorum is close to the standards used in other ecosystems.

Thanks for put this together, I remember that it was very time-consuming to submit CELO Europe DAO proposal to the community. Something to keep in mind when improving governance structure.