Endgame, Vitalik and Celo's Roadmap for Scaling

Hi folks, I’m sure many of you have read Vitalik’s recent Endgame post.

There is food for thought that is relevant to Celo’s roadmap towards being a leading protocol. In particular, the point that if Celo does not manage to decentralise and expand the validator pool substantially, there are still ways to keep the overall system censorship resistant (e.g. by having many nodes checking the correctness of blocks).

I would be interested in hearing views from cLabs @tim and also from Mysten Labs @evan - perhaps with some pointers to where we can read the latest thinking on scaling for Celo.


Adding an article here by Moxie that I think is relevant to Celo: Moxie Marlinspike >> Blog >> My first impressions of web3

Specifically, his point that Ethereum is mostly accessed through centralised services (like Infura) that aren’t providing any checks/signatures.

I guess right now most requests go through Forno for CELO?

Anyway, would be interesting to hear clabs perspective and roadmap on handling these questions of censorship resistance and also of whether a realistic vision is that accessing the blockchain will end up centralised.