Celo 2.0: Ethereum alignment

tldr: please have a look at and leave comments on Valentin’s GitHub post

Celo community,

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to look at our 2023 vision for Celo, as well as the corresponding blog post with the H1 roadmap for the blockchain & cryptography teams. To briefly recap - we have an ambitious goal to make Celo the best platform on which to launch projects that help further the regenerative economy, and one of the ways we plan to get there is by remaining deeply aligned with Ethereum.

Today we’re excited to share more details around how we plan to do this. Staying close to Ethereum has always been a guiding principal for Celo, and it’s becoming even more important as the ecosystem matures and we see an increasing demand for having Ethereum features available to Celo as soon as possible.

  • Stage 1: Clean up celo-blockchain
    • We’ll introduce a set of CIPs that aim to make our client leaner, and reduce the diff size between Ethereum and Celo
    • CIPs will be reviewed and approved by the community, following our CIP approval guidelines
  • Stage 2: Create a checkpoint
    • This allows the client to sync from the checkpoint rather than from genesis
    • Client history will be flattened, making syncing faster for all nodes
  • Stage 3: Implement on Erigon
    • We’re excited about the client improvements like increased disk efficiency and better performance of archive nodes

More details are in Valentin’s GitHub post. Please leave have a look and leave comments there - we’re excited to continue the discussion and work together to build a better Celo client!