cPHP stable asset on Valora app

Asian countries, including the Philippines, are moving expeditiously in embracing technologies that could better the lives of our loved ones. While the Valora app helps send and receive money easily, cUSD is pegged to the value of the dollar which is not the currency of the country. As the value fluctuates receiver and sender need to constantly compute which would not be the case if we have cPHP.

The vast number of Filipinos working abroad will surely benefit from the ease of sending money at home, in the most cost-efficient that they know will be received instantly.

I hope to have the cPHP on the Valora app soon, it will also be a whole lot easier to use the app when purchasing from shops that accept it as payment. In the same manner, I think it will be beneficial to merchandisers too.


Hi @Jocrypto - it sounds like you’re looking for a new Stablecoin that would also be supported in Valora. This is not something that would come directly from Valora - I would recommend joining the Celo Discord to share this request.

I will share with our product team that you’d like Valora to support this token should it be created in the future.

Thank you for sharing this great idea!


I hope they’ll consider this cPHP request. We Filipino crypto enthusiasts need a trustworthy wallet like Valora to cash in and cash out. I hope they’ll have remittances option soon🙏


I do really hope they’ll consider this one. As a Crypto enthusiast, I need a safe wallet that’ll be easy to access. It would be very helpful for us.


This would ve a great help for us folipinos to lessen the the hassle and fee we spend transeferring funds from binance. Looking forward for the team to implement this feature…


This will be more helpful also convenient for us crypto enthusiast hoping the team will consider this if ever this will also a good impact for Celo and Valora app


Covid still lingering around, we filipinos need cashless app using Valora its easy to use when paying and using it as sending money to our relatives with cheap fees and more accessible … Hopefully cPHP will be implemented soon I can’t wait to see it


Nice! this is a good news for us Filipinos…contactless and cheap fees…If cPHP manage to implented here in Philippines. I think it will help us to save our salary…


Thank you for sharing with the team. It would really be wonderful to have a stable coin pegged to the value of our local currency mostly for those in far provinces, the thing is the exchange rate for foriegn currencies such as USD tends to be at higher price the more your place is farther from the metro. To be able to get the same amount you will need to go to a bank, that will be ok if the amount you are exchanging is of great volume but for weekly allowance sort of amount, most people would opt for the more accessible place to cash out.


Do you guys plan on partnership with GCASH? I use coinsph… but the fee is high…

I hope the team can consider this. It will also be helpful if Celo will tied up with Coins.ph because many Filipino Cryptonians are using this app for less hassle transactions.

Do you have a partnership plan with Gcash as well? It will be very helpful. I hope it’ll be consider.

Hopefully this will push through and being partner with Coins.Ph since Coins.PH now is more secured exchange . Can’t wait to experience cPhp :rocket:

I hope you guys partners up with the like of gcash or coins.ph or better cash transactions. Because going through binance p2p transactions eats up more time and a little complicated specially for newbies in crypto…

Hope u can partner with coins.ph since its the most widely used in Philippines at the moment :pray:

the only thing with coinsph is that you have to provide documents to up your transaction limit, and the transaction fee is quite hefty