Core Devs Call on CIP: Ultragreen Celo

This is the discussion topic for the upcoming CIP: Ultragreen Celo authored by @martinvol

Brief overview
Celo since its inception, in April 2020, had a focus on creating a positive impact on the planet, becoming the first carbon-negative blockchain. This proposal wants to take that effort further and redistribute 20% of transaction’s base fees to a new Green Fund (GF) and burn the remaining 80%. All base fees are currently sent fully to the Community Fund. The on-chain Carbon Offsetting Fund also aims to be overhauled for a more transparent approach.

What next?
We’d love to hear from you. We greatly appreciate any feedback you might provide, whether good or bad, we are here to listen to you. Feel free to respond below or attend the next core devs call where we will be discussing this CIP as well. Thank you!

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