Celo wallet app windows 10 error, help!


Yesterday I download the CELO WALLET APP for WINDOWS10. I made a transfer of 23CGLD from my COINBASE ACCOUNT to my CELO ADDRESS.

I don’t know what happen but my CELO WALLET APP don’t show my CELO ADDRESS anymore when I open my APP, it’s showing 0000 00000 0000 0000 0000 0000 00000 0000 0000 0000 and it’s asking me 6 digit pass code instead of my initial password that I setup firs time.

The other problem is that I didn’t have time to write the RECOVERS WORDS and I don’t know how to recover my account and my money. Somebody can help me, what should I do, because I try to find a contact email of CELO and nothing.

I’m very upset on the developers of this APP because we still build APP with lots of errors and we don’t give a care about that peoples may lose money!!!

@ienache Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the wallet. I haven’t seen this issue before but I’ll investigate.

If you didn’t save your recovery words (account key), then we’ll have to check if your encrypted key file is still on your machine. Check for a file called mnemonic.enc at this place on your machine: C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\celo-web-wallet

Here’s a video that explains how to find the AppData folder: How to Find The Appdata Folder in Windows 10 - YouTube

You can also join the Celo Discord and send me a direct message if you would prefer to chat. Discord

Hey @ienache I never heard back from you about this but some good news:
We’ve just released an update which should handle the issue you’re seeing and let you log in to your account again. Please open the wallet, wait for the blue banner, then click to to update to the latest version.