Celo Stake Off - Rewards Temporarily Frozen - Stay Tuned

We are currently observing an issue where elections at the end of each epoch are unable to run. As a result the validator set is not changing. This appears to be caused by the elections smart contract running out of gas. The team is investigating the best way to address this.

In the meantime, rewards will be frozen until the issue is addressed. This is to avoid giving currently elected groups an unfair advantage.

All further updates related to this issue will be communicated on the forum and discord (#stake-off-announce channel), so keep an eye out there.

Separately, the team is considering clarifying the rules around collaboration and voting for groups. More on this in the coming days on this.

The Great Celo Stake Off Team

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Update—- The C Labs team has fixed the issue with the elections smart contract running out of gas. You should no longer see that message in logs and the elected validator set may change at the end of epochs. We appreciate everyone’s patience with this!

As it is a holiday weekend in the US and we are considering clarifying rules around collaboration, rewards will remain disabled until Tuesday 1800 UTC / 10am PT.

Please keep an eye on the forum and this channel for further updates.