Announcing The Great Celo Stake Off Phase 1.1 Launch

We’re thrilled to see the energy and engagement since the launch of the Stake Off last week. Big thanks to all of you who’ve participated, joined the discussion online and provided valuable feedback! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Over the past week, the community has identified some subtle bugs. You can find the incident report here. Providing the best Stake Off experience for the community is our number one priority!

As such, phase 1 is extending to early Jan 2020 during this period BTUs will continue to hold no value. This also means that the Stake Off, originally due to end Jan 21st, will end Feb 4th, 2020.

Here are the new timings:

  • Phase 1.0 (Dec 4th 2019 - Dec 10th): Gain operational experience (BTUs have no value)
  • Phase 1.1 (Dec 11th 2019 - Jan 7th 2020): Network reset & gain operational experience continued (BTUs have no value)
  • Phase 2.0 (Jan 8th - 21st 2020): Test Attestations (BTUs count towards leaderboard)
  • Phase 3.0 (Jan 22nd - Feb 4th 2020): Test OPSEC & governance (BTUs count towards leaderboard)

IMPORTANT: the network reset to phase 1.1. on Dec 11th. If you had a node on Baklava prior to this reset, make sure to transition your setup.

Read on for instructions to continue validating … It’s time to get cooking again!

  • If you’re already fauceted, transition your setup from phase 1.0 to phase 1.1: Instructions
  • If you’re just getting started: Instructions

The team also has some additional treats for you:

  • Estimate potential future Mainnet rewards with the Celo Validator Rewards Calculator
  • Still have questions about the Stake Off? Watch the Q&A webinar
  • Need help getting set-up? Join the “Open Kitchen” webinar Dec 17th at 1600 UTC and/or a meetup on Dec 17th in San Francisco & Berlin, or Dec 16th in Toronto, where you’ll be walked through the “Getting Started” instructions
  • Are you interested in hosting an “Open Kitchen” meetup in your city next week and comfortable doing a “getting started” demo? Let us know by emailing with subject line “Celo Open Kitchen Meetup” and containing the proposed city, country, and date.

Please feel free to reach out on Discord or ask questions here!