Celo Explorer Domain Change

Announcement of Domain Change

From October 5th, 2022 (00:00:00 UTC) the Celo Explorer is moving to a new URL

From October 12th, 2022 (00:00:00 UTC), Alfajores and Baklava will have new domain names and be hosted on explorer.celo.org along with Mainnet.



To give the community time to adjust, we’ll be setting up redirects on old URLs till the end of this year.

When the move happens it might affect your scripts if you’re using curl as, by default, it doesn’t follow redirects. Consider adding –-location or -L option to your commands now in order to guarantee smooth migration to the new domain, for example:

curl -s -L “https://alfajores-blockscout.celo-testnet.org/api?module=account&action=eth_get_balance&address=0x2847B9f47430DC1746904E0d9371109D36A238c9”

After the move, we recommend changing API URLs as soon as possible.

Please feel free to reply below or reach out on our Discord channel if you have any questions.


I think this is better.


Two quick thoughts…


I think this makes a lot more sense than the proposed change.


Thank you all for the feedback.

@kalatsong cLabs definitely considered that option. We decided against it mainly because Celo has other services e.g. Forno (forno.celo.org) and Celo Safe (safe.celo.org) that use that semantic. Naming the explorer as {alfajore/baklava}.celo.org implies that this is the canonical resource for alfajores and baklava, whilst explorer refers to the fact that this is just the explorer.


  • There is no plans for that; https://celoscan.io and explorer.celo.org are two separate services that are run by different entities, and they are two different sources for Celo Data. It’s a great thing for the Celo ecosystem that there is no single point of reliance for Celo data much like in other ecosystem, and it’s up to the users to choose which source to use.
  • Celoscan is run by a single company that makes EtherScan and PolygonScan, and it’s not a “convention” for the industry, rather it’s a convention that company uses. Furthermore that’s not an analogus comparsion as we are distinguishing different network within a chain in this post (i.e. alfajores vs baklava vs mainnet within celo), not different chains (Celo vs Polygon vs Ethereum).
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Why the names alfajores and Baklava?