Gm Celo community!

My name is Marco and I’m the CEO at impactMarket – a human empowerment protocol.

I’d like to present to you today the Celo Europe DAO proposal.

Following the successes of both Celo Africa, India and LATAM DAOs, I got together with some other players in the European space to help increase Celo’s footprint in the old continent.

This proposal aims to kick-off a Celo Europe DAO very first season, which starts in May 2023 and wraps up in December 2023, where we will test some assumptions and, in case success is achieved, we will submit a follow-up proposal for a second season.

The first season plan for Celo Europe consists of:

  1. Testing different models to help Celo reach out to more web3 builders interested in working on the future of ReFi
  2. Establishing the baseline for DAO governance of the Celo Europe DAO

The key deliverables for the first season of Celo Europe DAO are the following:

Key Deliverables:
Deliver 10 Classes in France Universities
Become a main Sponsor of 2 Hackathons (ReFi) in Portugal and Spain
Deliver 15 ReFi Meetups in Spain and Portugal
3 Talent Houses to attract high potential builders (organised at the same time as the 2 Hackathons + 1 major event sponsored by Celo Europe DAO)
Celo House in Madrid (Spain)
Contribute to ReFi column on CoinDesk and/or other known crypto media (pan-European)
Opening space for suggestions from other European partners to be sponsored by the DAO

Attendance of 1K+ people on meetups/classes & upload recordings to Celo Europe DAO socials
10+ referred projects for Celo Camp
100K+ views on web3 media

Detailed budgeting can be found here. In a nutshell, we’re asking the Celo community for an initial DAO budget of: €398K.

If approved, the treasury multisig will be managed by the following members who will also be the Celo Europe DAO leaders:

  • Joan de Ramón, Head of Growth at EthicHub
  • Marco Barbosa, CEO at impactMarket
  • Pedro Oliveira, CEO at Talent Protocol

In a more long-term approach, if the first season of Celo Europe DAO goes smoothly, we hope to expand the Celo Europe DAO function to become a full-blown Investment DAO.

Please consider this proposal and share with us your thoughts (you can join a discussion telegram group here), the Celo Europe DAO leadership team is very excited about increasing the Celo footprint in Europe.


This is very well thought out. :clap: I am a believer in creating ways to scale and attract new builders. I think the piece I would want to see more of is attracting and showing traditional markets to come into blockchain and Web3. This opens the door to larger adoption. Also introduce users to current protocals in the ecosystem and how they can leverage. Recycling beleiver and users of blockchain will just continue the visous circle and dilute the capacity to reach greater scale and scope. Aside from this I love the idea and will definitely support :heart:


Thanks sir :slight_smile:

I think we need to find a balance between engaging (new!) Users vs Builders. Nevertheless, we can include KPIs (on ROI section) related to adoption especially as we’re aiming to support local activities via meetups and universities! Those can also be a good gateway to showcase existing protocols and dApps in the Celo ecosystem :wink:

Let’s do this :fire:


One other point to note in addition to @pcbo ‘s, the team is in touch with Coindesk (Turkey -with a reach in Europe), who is collaborating with Harvard Business Review in bridging the gap between traditional/web 2 and web 3 with a focus on the topic of sustainability. HBR has done a good job in reaching out the actors in this scene. The proposal includes a budget to deliver ReFi columns/events together aimed at enlarging the user base.


Hey @mbarbosa great submit ¡¡. We are very exited to continuous growth of CELO community in Europe. Feel all our ethichub support ¡¡¡


Appreciate the breakdown of anticipated expenses and allocations!


Vive Célo
viva o celo
Viva Celo

I love this proposal and I think it’s very well detailed (as has been already pointed out). Can’t wait to see the growth in Europe!


This is great! 10/10 proposal @mbarbosa ! Europe is full of potential for Celo to grow in builders and users alike and I am looking forward to helping spread the word in France and wherever is needed! LFG


Excited to see this proposal come together!

Kolektivo would love to play a role in expanding CELO in Europe. We have good networks, community, offices, and event spaces inemphasized text Amsterdam (Netherlands) + Aarhus (Denmark) + Berlin (Germany).

Would love to run some campaigns at local Uni’s and organize some campaigns in these countries :slight_smile:


Thank you for your support Thomas!


Let’s do this, we can definitely allocate some budget to the North of Europe! :fire:

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Following our first ever Celo Europe DAO twitter spaces (re-watch here:https://twitter.com/TalentProtocol/status/1646177551667036160) and the feedback received both in the Celo forum but also in the telegram chat (Telegram: Join Group Chat), we’re going to make a revamped proposal :pray:

The Celo Europe DAO leadership team will meet again next week, so you can expect an updated proposal within the next 2 weeks! :wink:

Let’s do this!


Hello Marco! Thank you for presenting your Celo Europe DAO proposal. I understand that your proposal aims to develop the Celo ecosystem in Europe and you are planning the first season, which will start in May 2023 and end in December 2023. Your plan includes testing different models to attract more web3 developers, creating a framework for DAO management, and hosting several events such as hackathons and ReFi meetings. I also see that you are hoping to expand the Celo Europe DAO feature in the longer term. Your team seems very qualified and you have experience in this area.I can offer you some questions that perhaps can help you get feedback and support from the Celo community. 1.What specific models do you plan to test to attract more web3 developers, and what are your expectations of those models? 2.What will be the success criteria for your first Celo Europe DAO season? 3.How do you plan to measure the ROI and success rates of your offering?

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Thank you for publishing.

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:herb:Gm Celorians

This is a follow-up on the Celo Europe DAO proposal made by Joan (Ethichub), with close input from Luuk (Kolektivo), Meltem (former Celo), Pedro (Talent Protocol)

We’ve iterated on the proposal in the past weeks to make it even more aligned with Celo community stakeholders and existing Celo growth and BD plans in Europe.

Our Approach
We believe the most effective way for the Celo Europe DAO to operate is by building on top of existing resources - working in synergy with the current Celo Ecosystem plans in Europe (such as engagement at large events) and leveraging existing networks and infrastructure from Celo native teams.

As a result, we’re proactively seeking input from Celo Ecosystem and Celo Foundation members and aim to work closely together.

This proposal aims to kick-off a Season 0 of the Celo Europe DAO, which starts in June 2023 and wraps up in December 2023, where we will test some assumptions and, in case success is achieved, we will submit a follow-up proposal for a second season.


We have identified key stakeholders we aim to engage in Europe through the Celo Europe DAO, namely:

Dapp Users: Users of applications that are built on Celo.
Investors: Companies or individuals actively allocating capital to Celo-aligned projects or actively holding and transacting tokens on the Celo Network.

Builders: Teams or individuals who are building an application or business on top of Celo.

Per region, the specific focus will be different where; for example, the activities in Nordic Countries will lean more towards (institutional) investors and builders, whereas in, for example, Turkey, the focus would be on Dapp users and builders. The focus will be determined by the regional teams and ecosystem members that will help match the right activities to the existing crowds.

Measuring Success
While our ultimate goal is to drive more on-chain activity to the Celo Network, it is hard to measure this specific outcome. As a result, we’re proposing measuring key indicators that suggest an increase in on-chain activity, including:

  • Attendance count to Celo Europe DAO digital and in-person events = At least 1500 unique participants

  • Projects participating in Celo Hackathons = At least 100 participants

  • Number of suitable projects referred to Celo Camp and other ecosystem programs = At least 10

We will produce a Celo Europe Ecosystem website that points interested stakeholders in the right direction, gains EU stakeholder buy-in and accelerate EU ecosystem development

  • Reach of the Celo EU website = At least 5k website visitors

We’ll also set up specific website trackers for key activities. The insights of this will be shared in the final report.

We leverage the existing Crypto Conference schedule in Europe as key coordination points for our efforts - building our campaigns and initiatives around the following events in the next 7 months:

July 4th ReFi Gathering Spain:

July 5-7th EthBarcelona: https://www.ethbarcelona.com/

Mid-July - Organize Institutional ReFi events in Northern Europe

July 17-20 - EthCC: https://www.ethcc.io/

30 Aug - 3 Sept - ETHWarshau: https://www.ethwarsaw.dev/

11 Sept - 13 Sept - DAPPCONN:

End-Sept - Organize Celo EU Hackathon in Madrid

Nov 13-19 DevConnect Istanbul:

December - Gather learnings and results to present Season 0 outcomes and potentially create a proposal for Season 1


We’re requesting a total budget of €204K to run Season 0, from which only 7% will be spent on admin and operations, and the other 93% will flow directly into ecosystem initiatives. Find a detailed breakdown of the budget here.

If approved, the treasury multisig will be managed by the following members, who will also support the operations of Celo Europe DAO.

1.Joan de Ramón, Head of Growth at EthicHub

2.Pedro, Founder at Talent Protocol

3.Luuk Weber, CEO at Kolektivo Network


Hey Joan thanks for the follow up!

Just 2 questions from my side:

  • The document seems to assume that the success indicators mentioned (e.g., event attendance, project participation, website reach, etc.) will lead to an increase in on-chain activity on the Celo Network. This is a causal assumption and may not necessarily hold true. Given also the presudonomity of the Blockchain, how do you intend to connect the initiative that you want to do with the surge in on-chain activity?

  • There’s an implicit assumption that building on existing resources and working closely with Celo Ecosystem and Celo Foundation members will lead to more effective operations. However, this may not be the case if there are structural, strategic, or compatibility issues in this collaboration. Why should Celo Europe DAO have events at (for example to quote only one) EthCC, if the foundation will be already present in force? Will not be redundant?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Gm @0xGoldo

Thank you for your comments

You’re correct in noting that the success indicators we’ve outlined are based on an assumption. While it’s challenging to directly measure the impact of our initiatives on on-chain activity, we believe these indicators provide a reasonable proxy for engagement and growth.

For instance, increased event attendance and project participation suggest a growing interest in and use of the Celo platform. Additionally, we plan to set up specific website trackers for key activities, the insights of which will be shared in our final report. This data will help us understand the correlation between our initiatives and on-chain activity better.

Furthermore, we’re leveraging the networks of several local companies, such as EthicHub, Impact Market, Talent Protocol, and Kolektivo. These partnerships allow us to engage with a broader audience and facilitate more initiatives. For example, hackathons allow us to develop more solutions for Celo, onboard developers, and improve existing protocols.

We’re also focusing on using existing solutions like Valora to onboard new users and minimize entrance barriers, thereby increasing the user base within the Celo blockchain.

Regarding your second question, our approach to build on existing resources and work closely with Celo Ecosystem and Celo Foundation members is based on the belief that synergistic collaboration can lead to more effective operations.

We understand your concern about potential redundancy, especially with events like EthCC. However, our presence at such events is not merely about representation but also about creating unique value. For instance, we aim to engage with different stakeholders, facilitate specific discussions, and run targeted initiatives that complement the efforts of the Celo Foundation. Our goal is to enhance the overall impact of Celo’s presence rather than duplicate efforts.

Moreover, our strategy is focused on converting existing web3 users, and crypto events like ETH_CC are ideal places to find them. By increasing Celo’s awareness and conversion at these events, we aim to drive more on-chain activity.

We appreciate your feedback and will continue to refine our approach based on these valuable insights.


I’m confused, has this passed or not? celocli looks like it’s Expired.

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Hey @Thylacine - the initial proposal passed but due to a bug, Celo EU had to submit the proposal again. This has now been fixed - meaning the proposal has passed.

Initiatives are in full swing; we just returned from Paris, where we recorded over 20 Celo-native interviews and organized a stakeholder breakfast to get the required input for the CeloDAO eu website and Celo EU ecosystem report.

You can follow the progress through our Twitter or join the TG chat!