Celo Connect Salon @ ETH CC Paris

Hey Folks! We are planning our presence at ETH CC Paris (July 19-21) and would love feedback on what you’d like to see -

We have a 2 floor space from July 17 - 22, a 10min walk from the conference venue:

  • ground floor co-working meeting space
  • first floor programming lounge w/stage that fits ~60-80 people.

Our initial thoughts on programming:

  1. Center around daily themes:
  • July 17 - Sunday - Open House // Meet Celo
  • July 18 - Monday - Social Impact & Local Use Cases
  • July 19 - Tuesday - ReFi & Mento Stablecoin Assets
  • July 20 - Wednesday - Community Commerce & NFTs
  • July 21 - Thursday - Community Programs & DAOs
  • July 22 - Friday - Unconference of community-led sessions
  1. Have a blend of workshops, interactive experience, facilitated conversations and panel conversations for each theme

  2. Include daily wellness offerings that support the Celo values of unique purpose and connectedness, as well as nightly happy hours

  3. A crepe & coffee cart! :slight_smile:

I welcome your ideas, contributions (remotely or IRL!), and session submissions by June 6.


Hey events team,

I love the agenda for Ethcc Paris! Great job and thank you for your efforts! I would love to take advantage of the lounge and have universities present their club activities in the lounge on Thursday or Friday. It would also be nice if people circle is there to do a hiring session.

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Hey Adriana,

do I understand it correctly that this is outside the ETH.CC venue so also accessible for people who were not fortunate to get a ticket (yet)?

That would be great!

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yes this is correct!

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Correct! This will be a venue a few blocks away from ethCC and you’re welcome to attend if you don’t have a ticket to ethCC. We’ll have some of our own programming and also a space to meet the team, cowork, and get to know Celo.


Update - we’ve extended the speaker submission deadline to June 10.


Already submitted a session :+1: