Celo Community Proposals and Treasury Overview

Hi @therealstone! Awesome to continue the chat.

Re. point 1 I think more talking could be necessary to understand external expectations/internal drive of each DAO.

Re. point 2 also agree with your shared view.

Re point 3, maybe you want to check this out. Its an old excerpt of a strategic document that mentioned smth like such “mini funds” and how they could potentially work, deriving from a shared mission and strategy, once localized to specific regions and realities. Unfortunately this is a strategic document I built around 2.5-3y ago - note we did not even use the word REFI yet on the first PDF screenshot LOL -, I don’t have access to it on my sabbatical, otherwise would love to share and see if we could iterate. I also drafted some updates with the help of peers + feedback a SWOT analysis for LatAm and some key countries. so we could start thinking about localization, including with suggested budgets considering countries maturities and opportunities with ecosystem founders.

Just an extra note that I will eventually love the opportunity to brainstorm together.

@Thylacine Hi TY for your comment. Hope to have more to share soon with the upcoming report and request for feedback. For now if you want to see this I think will share more light on the topic of the VS. When it comes to re-branding I could not agree more and I HOPE the new report and rebranding about to come out address and resolve some of these needs in a creative fashion!